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Seven Style Rules to NEVER Break

These style tips may seem obvious to most, yet I see someone breaking them every single day.  These all seem like common sense, but I figured I better remind you. 674 more words

Fashion Rules

There are so many different fashion sites, shows, and blogs out there that give tips about what to wear and how to wear it, what’s on trend right now, and a lot more. 364 more words


Gove's rules

I read in yesterday’s Independent on Sunday that Michael Gove has circulated a list of style and grammar rules for the civil servants working in his department, abut what they should and shouldn’t write in letters and reports. 318 more words

Generalities on style ... not to be taken too serious

                 Photo credit: harpersbazaar.com

Don’t try too hard … it’s the general rule to keep in mind, although actually i should say: look as if you don’t try to hard. 332 more words


5 style rules to break now

We grew up following style precepts that our mothers, grandmothers and Vogue taught us but some of them always looked nonsensical to me. 208 more words

Style Behind