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NO MATCHY, MATCHY! Tiff's 5 Style Rules

Hey Sassy Pants,

Thanks to Real Housewives of Dallas and Twitter, we have several new style sistas in the sisterhood! Welcome to my hood! A few ladies have mentioned going back through the old blog posts and videos. 115 more words

Tiffany Hendra

My 5 Style Rules when Styling 'Me'

When I am making an effort, my fashion philosophy (if I have one) is colour coordination. Beyond that, I shop for comfort and my personal style. 444 more words

The rules of style

I was invited to a recent event at Dine’s stunning Mansion in Roundhay Leeds.

The evening was all about learning to dress in a way that compliments you – and wow, was I in for a lesson or two… … 395 more words


Spring Style: Boho Minimalism

I never imagined that I would be a bohemian dresser. I wear little jewellery and generally like my clothes to be embellished with simple style lines or interesting and unusual construction methods. 376 more words


10 Timeless Style Rules

Masculine culture is currently in nostalgia mode. Heralding back to the days of textured tweeds, elaborate facial hair, and even an uptick in the lumberjack and black smithing trades. 289 more words

Men's Fashion

7 Outdated Style Rules That Were Made To Be Broken

Originally published on Buzzfeed.com

  1. Matching your bag to your shoes


It is perfectly acceptable not to match your bag to your shoes. In fact, this is a pretty outdated rule and while I think it can be nice when adding pops of color to a neutral outfit, try mixing in it up with coordinating hues. 199 more words


White Shoes and Picasso

Most people don’t realize that Picasso really knew how to paint. He is known for being the chief inspiration of people worldwide saying “My five year old could paint that”, but what these critics don’t know, or rather one of the many things they don’t know, is that those squashed square faces with yes on the sides of their heads were painted that way for a reason other than lack of skill. 591 more words