STYLE SOUNDOFF: Royal Standards

Want to enter fall as the Queen? Why not for a day when you can pick up these golden pieces that bring out the true royal in you.   56 more words


STYLE SOUNDOFF: Sweater Weather

Months ago I wrote a Style Sound-off  article on Cartoon detailed clothes and it seems fitting to come back into writing with one.  Trying to find time to blog is tough and I know that my fellow writers know this so I appreciate you guys for sticking with me.   210 more words


STYLE SOUNDOFF: Cartoon Couture

     Labels just can’t seem to keep their paws off the newest animalistic trend.  And who can blame them?  From illustrated bats in Marc Jacob’s collection, to Burberry Prorsum’s chic owl – I’m feeling one with nature.   21 more words


STYLE SOUNDOFF: Sheer Brilliance

Diverse.  That is the first word that comes to my mind when I see sheer pieces.  I find them to have the ability to add a pop of fun, a simple sense of sex appeal, and a whole lot of personality.   152 more words


STYLE SOUNDOFF: Mint Condition

I first saw this statement color back in spring, but it has thoroughly lasted the season and driven full force into the summer.  It is the simple elegance and perfect shade, which accentuates a wide variety of skin tones, that gives mint such an appeal to men and women designers.   37 more words


STYLE SOUNDOFF: Submerged Beauty

     Words cannot describe how crazy I am about underwater photography.  I find it uniquely beautiful and magical and each photo contains such grace that is seemingly unattainable outside of the water.   15 more words


STYLE SOUNDOFF: Denim Coverage

My homage to denim is directly inspired from all the buzz in fashion lately; from magazines to new collections.  Straight from the closet of yours truly I bring you the following pieces.   82 more words