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We all know that wearing a jumpsuit can either be an amazing fashion statement or a huge hell to the no. It’s one of the fashion rules every girl should know, so here is my guide to rocking a jumpsuit… 378 more words


Denim and Lace

I love mixing a super delicate fabric, such as lace with a more coarse fabric such as denim.(Although these amazing jeans, debatably my favorite are nowhere near coarse and can be purchased at American Eagle, you get the point, denim is thicker than lace.) I also love how this tunic is sheer which lets you see more of the denim while still having a girlish vibe. 102 more words


summery vibe

I love wearing black in all seasons,  but I try not to wear all black from head to toe in Summer, since it looks too heavy in the hot and humid air… 66 more words



I carry a light jacket wherever I go to survive from powerful indoor AC. The denim jacket is wonderfully with me most days.  :)

This shiny silver pleated skirt has been getting many comments; it’s a nice conversation piece! 18 more words


Fashion Failures; Trying Too Hard

Who are try hard’s and what do they do?

These are the people that are hell bent on only wearing designer and matching every aspect of their outfit in order to fulfil their false beliefs that it makes them look more fashionable, trendy or stylish, more so than the average person. 476 more words

Easy ways to style maxi tops

Don’t we all love those cool maxi tops? Everyone is seen flaunting these comfy tops in their own unique ways. And somewhere in our minds, we also want to own them, style them and flaunt them (Don’t we?). 538 more words