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Writing a fictional novel is really the same as telling a whopping lie that you believe in with all your heart and keeping it straight for 80,000 words or more. 549 more words


Killing ads on Facebook

Simply add this to a custom CSS style sheet in your browser:

.ego_section,.mvs._5j5u._5jqk.clearfix,._54b-,div div,div,._54b{display:none!important}

Any decent browser (like the one I use, “qutebrowser“), will have the option of using a custom CSS style sheet when rendering pages. 56 more words


Crucial 4 Steps To Success In Web Development

Crucial 4 Steps To Success In Web Development: If you are setting up to turn out to be a staid player in the webaim world, you must now what to discover and discover. 359 more words


Big Data

This past week we did more coding in class. We put a border on our pictures, and changed some text colors. I really enjoy coding, because i’ve never done anything like that, and it’s fun and interesting to me. 178 more words


Create horizontal list

To create simple horizontal list

Add the .horizontalList to your list element ,the display property inline-block is responsible to make list looks horizontal




When I get bleak and smile.LESS
When my life appears bright.LESS
I click my patcher. My wizard nudge
is the dynamic style{shit} language… 24 more words


Creating a Table of Contents with RPE

To create a Table of Contents in RPE you can proceed in two ways:

  1. use the “Table of Contents” element from the RPE Palette.
  2. use an external stylesheet…
  3. 107 more words
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