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#Fashion Friday: Beat the Bloated Fashion Blahs!!!

Waking up and having no clue what to where happens, especially most mornings around here. Not only do I have to dress myself but two little ones with very different style. 666 more words


Lavender & Smoke

Since body positivity has become such a major social movement, I feel the need to express my sentiments on the subject. I love my body, as one should, but it has taken me years to come to this conclusion. 417 more words


4 Ways To Wear A Dress

Bored of the same old dress that has been in your closet forever? Why not upcycle its use by wearing it as a dress, as a top, as a skirt, and as a tunic. 46 more words


Freaky friday

Cast a spell over your home this Halloween.

It’s almost the weekend, so what better time to start thinking up our Halloween costumes for the end of the month? 278 more words


Comfort Fit

I am a big fan of dressing comfortably.  My closet is full of elastic waistbands and billowy blouses.  I am in the business of knitwear because it is so cozy and comfortable. 59 more words


Budapest- Street Styles

The picturesque city gave us a pick of some great street styles that are just right for this fall. Beautiful, inspiring, unique and classic, just like the gorgeous city of Budapest…  38 more words


Cleaning Out Your Closet: Take Vs Toss

Okay let’s get straight to work, head over to your closet!

Firstly, take all your clothes out and toss them onto your bed. Shoes too and bags, on the floor… Everythaanng!  1,101 more words