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Shoes handmade to order in the UK...for less than 90 quid!

I have a new brand to tell you about! And you know how much I love telling you about new brands. It’s not 100% new, in that it has evolved from a Northampton-based family business that’s been going since 1908, but it’s new to me so I’m guessing it’s new to most of you too…and that’s a good enough excuse to shout about it, right?! 489 more words

Stylish Flat Shoes

Shoes News: these crazily comfortable retro shoes, and more...

I Pod, you Pod, we all Pod… 

Pod Heritage ‘Marley’ T-bar sandals, £50, awaveshoes.co.uk

One of my earliest memories is going into Clarks or Start-Right in early September with my mum and being desperate for a pair of red school shoes. 529 more words

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Lakes, lochs, and the PERFECT Wellington boots...

If you’d told me a couple of years ago that I’d be the sort of person who has developed a mild obsession with finding the perfect wellies, I probably wouldn’t have believed you. 773 more words

Stylish Flat Shoes

Shoes News: Rupert Sanderson hits the high street, where to buy Birks and more

Dune Loves Rupert Sanderson

I do have a few pairs of designer shoes, but I don’t write about them too much on this blog as I know, like me, you guys tend to shop more on the high street. 318 more words

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What I wore at Paris Fashion Week, and the rest of this week's Shoes News

PFW: I wore trainers

I popped to Paris Fashion Week this week (I don’t have the weight of a big publication behind me anymore, so a friend and I clubbed together and did it on the cheap – it was fun!) and as always, there was much debate beforehand about what to wear. 346 more words

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This week's Shoes News: a wet weather special

Hunter’s shower proof canvas shoes

I know it’s not April just yet, but regular observers of the UK weather will know that it rains EVERY MONTH here, so this may not be the first wet weather special Shoes News I bring you in the long term. 186 more words

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Musing over mules

Have you noticed the shoe of the moment? Wherever you look on the high street right now, you’ll see mules, or backless loafers as they seems to be being marketed this season. 381 more words

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