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Black and Blue: head to toe

Black and Blue is the name of 13th British and 15th American studio album by the Rolling Stones, it is a chain of successful steak Restarauts in London and it is the colours I love mixing! 86 more words


10 Sikap Yang Wajib Kamu Miliki Agar Gak di Friendzone!

Kamu pernah berada dimusim friendzone? Sudah demen sama cewek impian kamu, udah saling kenal, bertukar no HP, BBM, LINE, WA, tapi ujung-ujungnya justru hanya sebatas jalan tak jelas, pacaran bukan, PDKT juga bukan, dan akhirnya perasaanmu saja yang menjadi korban. 925 more words


More fall looks - #9 and #10

Fall is officially upon us…and some of us even woke up to snow this past weekend😩 Although beautiful, I am not a BIG fan of cold weather or therefore snow…except for Christmas time and warm cozy sweaters…then it completes the spirit for me! 168 more words

Vintage Dresser (hardwood)

Great vintage find by OrianaGerezVintage (585.00 USD) http://ift.tt/1Q4EJkn

Tights is always the answer

Hello, If you’re viewing this post, Thank you so much for taking out your time.
Here, On this post, i have wore Denim Jacks with black tight pants and loose crop sweats and platform sneakers. 183 more words

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