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Let's Walk

T decided today that we were going for a walk. So I bundled up and he put on his sweat jacket and away we went. He was sweating when we got home. 94 more words


The Sexy Brutale - time travel and drama done right !

One night, I was dreaming of wandering around a big, marvelous and colorful mansion. It was beginning of huge and fancy party. Something felt quite odd tho, and as I entered one of the rooms, I saw with my peripheral vision one of the guests getting shot. 797 more words

Game Reviews

Limbo - Masterfull storytelling without any words.

After pretty depressing, and generally stress-intensive day I was searching for something calm. More on a strategy-focused side of things.

And then, The wild Limbo appeared from the depths of Steam discounts… 509 more words

Game Reviews

Drawing of the Week-- week 10

It’s Tuesday once again and no post from me until just this minute. Shame on me.

Well, what can I say, it’s here.

I must admit, it was a bit of a struggle getting this one done and I’m too sure what I think of the results. 37 more words


Persona 5 - The most amazing experience offered to Gamers

Trying to decide if you want to embark on a long and immersive journey in a world of Persona 5 ? Not sure if it’s your cup of tea, and challenge yourself with beating this hell’a game ? 651 more words

Game Reviews

Look where my experimenting's gotten me this time. . .

It’s ironic.

Even though this was one of my most planned, thought-out pieces (I mean, I actually started out with practice sketches beforehand– a lot of practice sketches) this piece ended up going somewhere that wasn’t planned at all. 497 more words