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Mark Smith - illustrations for ESPN The Magazine

©Mark Smith

Client: ESPN The Magazine.

Art Direction: Linda Pouder

For Howard Bryant’s weekly column.

See more work at: wvw.salzint.com/mark-smith.html 8 more words


Yaniv Shimony - Storybook illustration

©Yaniv Shimony storybook illustration “girl on bed” and “watching the geese fly”

See more work at http://wvw.salzint.com/yaniv-shimony.html 13 more words


Davide Bonazzi - "Whose Galaxy Is It?" for Columbia Magazine

©Davide Bonazzi illustrations for Columbia Magazine articles by Caleb Scharf, director of the Columbia Astrobiology Center and an adjunct associate professor of astronomy.

“Whose Galaxy is it?” 25 more words


Dan Bob Thompson - Horseless Carriage ride

©Dan Bob Thompson does stylized and whimsical illustrations for storybooks, magazines, and ad agencies.  See more work at:



Caroline Tomlinson, lettering

©Caroline Tomlinson does hand lettering and stylized illustration for fashion, retail, ad agencies and publishers.  See more work at: http://wvw.salzint.com/caroline-tomlinson.html 21 more words


Benedetto Cristofani - Cover art for Howler Magazine

© Benedetto Cristofani illustrated this image of Cristiano Ronaldo as the cover art for Howler Magazine’s spring 2015 issue. 21 more words


Alexei Vella - "DESIGN FAUXPAS" for How Magazine

©Alexei Vella’s stylized conceptual illustrationd are commissioned by publisher and advertising agencies.  See more work at http://wvw.salzint.com/alexei-vella.html 9 more words