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I feel like this project was a success because I really enjoyed doing it which motivated me to do the best I could. Since I related to the subculture I loved how I could find parts of myself in each image. 494 more words

Sub Cultures

Final Images

I’ve chosen these final images as they show different people and they’re in different places. I feel like these images truly capture what it’s like to be a book reader. 99 more words

Sub Cultures

Test Work 3

I focused on digital for this set of test work. Within these three test shoots I’ve found the images that I want to use for my final images. 42 more words

Sub Cultures

Paul Politis - Case study/Critical analysis

Case Study:

Paul Politis is a self-taught photographer from Quebec, Montreal but currently lives in Ottowa, Canada. He has been working as a photographer since 1988 and experimented with film and darkroom up until 2005 when he started working with digital cameras due to the direction photography was going in. 574 more words

Sub Cultures

Test Work 2 - Film

For this set of photos I was experimenting with positions and different people. As my last set of photos were taken in film I decided I’d try it out in film. 146 more words

Sub Cultures

Thoughts of a book reader...

I know that people have and will label me as a geek or a nerd for being so caught up in works of fiction but it is something that through the years I have learned to embrace. 256 more words

Sub Cultures