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Half-Lives + Architectural Dissonance

When we consider the existing state of abandoned works of architecture, the components that predicated their overall demise are somewhat peripheral in nature. While they were once teaming with purpose and people, we now accept them as oddities of urbanism, throwaways of society, remnants of the capricious kind of socio-economic provocations that often leave countless individuals displaced or disenfranchised. 451 more words


Teddyism in South Asia!

O’ Teddy, my  cruel and heartless lover, she sang!


Well before Britain started growing and exporting chilies to India and Pakistan, it cried victory over Teddyism, the youth sub-culture of the 1950s, enthusiastically lapped up by Pakistanis. 873 more words


A Suedehead Manifesto

Why even bother being a suedehead? It’s sure to be a question asked of anyone who decides to mark themselves with this distinction. By most accounts the cult only existed for a couple of months and then disappeared, London youths moving onto the next thing. 635 more words

Final Pieces

(Uploaded images may not be good quality as it being jpeg – finals are printed at A3 as a psd file)

These are the three final pieces of Gothic, Japanese and Spiritual sub cultures. 374 more words

People of the Internet

The internet can be define in various way from a collection of documents to interconnected computer networks. How has the internet changed the way we consume media? 340 more words


We. Are. Renegades……Our reinterpretation of a trend that has now grown into a sub-culture in the streets of Johannesburg, featuring our gatekeeper PTA’s Maitele Wawe, who is the fore runner of the trend. Full story coming soon.


Life Of Lenny

Being in a room with Lenny Marsh you can tell he is full of stories, he has this ora about him, showing his grandchildren’s school pictures you soon realise he isn’t the a grandad who will slip you an extra sweet when your mums not looking, but someone who very much is still a punk through and through. 531 more words