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Romance vs. Erotica

An Insufficient Distinction

Spend any amount of time in writing groups, and you’ll quickly discover a distinction between Romance and Erotica authors. This distinction, while mainly in the minds of the authors themselves, has been used by some authors to make themselves feel more important than others, or make them feel their work simply has a greater distinctive impact. 1,905 more words

Lots Cave

The Infinite Amount of Metal Sub-genres

Since metal has been founded, it has consistently been making “sub-genres” but it seems like over the last 10 years that the amount is increasing rapidly. 122 more words


'It Follows' Review - Slasher Horror as it Should Be.

I know I am really late to the game, but ‘It Follows’ is an excellent horror film, which reinvigorates the teen slasher sub-genre in a way no one else has managed in a long time. 445 more words

The Locked Room Mystery

Sebuah kejahatan yang mustahil untuk dilakukan. Itulah kira-kira definisi sederhana dari subgenre locked room mystery atau yang disebut dengan misteri di ruang tertutup. Subgenre yang satu ini yang paling banyak meninggalkan pertanyaan di benak para pembaca atau penontonnya: “bagaimana mungkin kejahatan ini dilakukan?” atau “bagaimana pelaku bisa keluar dari ruangan sementara tidak ada tanda-tanda kehadirannya di ruangan tersebut?” 1,137 more words


Film genres

This is a list of different films chosen by the class and the genres into which they fit.

Super 8:thriller, sci-fi

Focus: drama, crime

Godzilla: action, sci-fi… 56 more words


what types of sub-genre i like in Horror?D

That’s easy, I like only 3 and those are: Ghost(Paranormal), Crime and Occult.  Why Ghosts? because a writer usually portrays ghosts as something to either teach you a lesson or to simply scare you. 71 more words

AUS/AUP230.2.1 Blog 1

We all listen to music these days, everyone has a different taste in music, and everyone likes a different genre and sub-genre. To be honest the biggest types of genres out there right now is Hip-Hip and EDM, rock is still there but it isn’t as big as the other genres listed nowadays. 412 more words