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HGTV Never Mentioned This: 4 Films About Haunted Places

If you’ve ever wondered whether those noises were *really* old pipes, these movies might be for you. 1,272 more words


Ghost Film List

List of must-see films for the Ghost section of my taxonomy of horror sub-genres. 1,482 more words


Paranormal Film List

List of 5 paranormal horror films that either solidify or challenge sub-genre conventions. 934 more words


Punk it All

Punk it all. (I should have made this my blog name. I really like it and it has a lovely ring to it. New tag line!) 602 more words


Conventions: Psychological Sub-Genre

In all media platforms and text there are conventions that can be seen. Conventions are the typical features and attributes shown in text that have become the norm for the genre. 291 more words