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Sub-genre a.k.a Common Genre

Sub-genre (a.k.a Common genre) are different varieties of writing styles that can be categories under two main genre: Fiction and Non-fiction.

Common genres: fiction


The Speculative Basement:

Through the Wardrobe

C.S. Lewis and Lewis Carroll.

I always got the two confused when I was younger, with the Lewis’s and the “C” names … but they actually had more in common than just slightly similar names. 404 more words

Thoughts On Writing

Writer, Know Thy Genre!

Genre choices are the most important decisions you need to make. –Shawn Coyne

Distinguishing sub-genres is important when you’re trying to pin down the genre of your own work.

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For Writers

The Infinite Amount of Metal Sub-genres

Since metal has been founded, it has consistently been making “sub-genres” but it seems like over the last 10 years that the amount is increasing rapidly. 122 more words