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Sammich Pr0n

Hot ham and Swiss with giardiniera on a sub roll.  The best way to prepare a sammich of this sort is to lay the meat in a non stick skillet and cover it with the cheese, and then heat it slowly with a lid on.  56 more words


The Chicken Parm Sandwich From GW Deli

      Price: $7.50

The GW Deli is an institution in the Foggy Bottom area and is usually packed between classes. Go while class is in session for a reduced line and to experience one of the joys of campus life at GW. 229 more words


The Gher-King

When I ordered a Hot Salt Beef Baguette from the Christmas Markets in Nottingham my mind had conjured up  some delicious  images well before the order had even left my mouth. 182 more words

Restaurant Sandwich

Sausage and Peppers Sandwich -- Today's Special

Today I ordered the Sausage and Peppers Special sandwich combo.

Today’s sandwich is a pair of extra large Boar’s Head sausages cut up into a grilled sub roll. 125 more words

Buffalo Chicken Sandwich -- Today's Special Sandwich

Today I ordered the Buffalo Chicken Sandwich special combo.

Today’s sandwich started with layers of Boar’s Head premium chicken deli slices, topped with grilled onions and peppers and melted pepper-jack cheese. 46 more words