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Park Hyo-Shin – Shine Your Light

Park Hyo-Shin – Shine Your Light

Songwriters: Park Hyo-Shin, Kim Yi-Na, Andy Platts

Album: Shine Your Light – Single

Genre: Pop

Agency: Jellyfish Entertainment 275 more words


PowerShell Upload File to Style Library & Sub-Path Location

function UploadFile2StyleLibraryLocation($WebUrl, $SourceFilePath, $StyleLibrarySubPath) { # Open web $web = Get-SPWeb $WebUrl $file = Get-Item $SourceFilePath write-host "Started Uploading File..." $file.FullName # Open file $fileStream = ( (Get-Item $file.FullName)).OpenRead() # Open Style Library $folder = $web.getfolder("Style Library") # Check whether the file is already exists?

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Topping From the Bottom

Is a phrase used exclusively by Twue Subs to show that they art subbier than thou and Twue Doms who either want to make you feel as insecure as they do, or alternatively, are just trying to get you to do whatever it is they want. 452 more words


Being Over Weight

Oh wow, this is the hardest thing I’ve written about but right now, I really want to and I’ve not felt so ready to do it before. 987 more words