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Riding Crop

I was on all fours. My body shivered as he moved his riding crop across my back. I sucked his cock as he held my hair. 193 more words

Movies in Korea

Bridget and I have now seen two movies in Korea. The first one was Tazza 2 because of TOP. At that time, Bridget and I could not understand what was happening, 20% due to language barrier, 80% due to not having watched Tazza 1 and therefore not knowing the plot. 409 more words

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Becoming His

So you’ve all read a little back story as to how He and I have been. The more we hooked up and the more I let go of my fears, the harder I fell for him. 999 more words


nineteen: hard to resist

He’s got my mind all tangled up. What does the man want? He continues to remind me that having a submissive outside of the club is not something he has done before and he is not used to it in his everyday life. 91 more words


Falling for the Dom

Hey guys!! Sorry I had to end last night’s blog so soon but I am here now to give y’all some more details.

After the first night at His place, I was hooked. 863 more words


Discovering who I am

Hey guys!! Thanks for taking the time to browse my blog. I’m super new to this but I wanted to share my discoveries and experiences with you. 739 more words


The No Man's Sky Subreddit Is Happier Now

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Source: Fred_Zeppelin

On October 5th, the No Man’s Sky subreddit temporarily shut down due to being what then moderator R0ugeW0lf called “a hate filled wastehole of no actual discussion.” If you checked the community today, you see none of that. 160 more words