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How sexy can men with corsets be?

I spent four days with Iris. Four days of waking up with his kisses, his arms around me, my body pressed against his, his breathe warm on my neck. 482 more words

Femdom Life


Let me present myself to you. Please. Allow me that freedom to surrender my control as I place it in your two hands. Permit me to ask for your guidance, to feel you lead me to where my mind wanders but I have yet to explore. 48 more words


A New Adventure

Well, as the title suggests, I’m beginning a new adventure…

It’s really a continuation of an old adventure that began over 10 years ago. I’m a teacher, and I’ve been a teacher for over 10 years! 197 more words

Eating My Way Through the Alphabet; Letter P

What’s Cooking in Gail’s Kitchen? Eat More: Philly Cheesesteak Bolillo! While at the local bakery, I couldn’t help but choose these nicely shaped oval bolillo rolls. 292 more words


Esoteric: Method to Create a Dialog between the Conscious & Sub-Conscious Mind

Pick any media of any age and you could probably find a reference of some sort that describes what the Sub-Conscious Mind is as well as all the wonderful capabilities it possesses and it’s endless potential. 418 more words

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seven: friday

It was fun to see him dressed casually rather than in the routine dark clothes of the club, but when he greeted me, his hug was as firm as always. 467 more words