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To negotiate is for two or more individuals to reach an agreement through discussion.

Negotiation is one of the more important aspects of what should occur BEFORE a scene/playing with an individual(s). 319 more words

4. What is a sub? What is the difference between Public and Private Sub?

You should have at least read through point 2 of the tutorial and also seen some of the codes in the cheat sheet section. 437 more words

3. VBA

Primal Play: Setting The Scene

It’s been quite a long time since I last wrote on the topic of Primal Play. A couple of years ago, I wrote about my findings on what Primal Play is, and my discovery that I am also primal. 1,315 more words


Day 27: Problems, Interaction Stations, & States of Matter

I had a sub today.

AP Physics 1: Problems

It was a little tricky figuring out what I could leave for students to work on. I ended up giving them some additional problems on impulse and quantitative force diagrams. 194 more words

AP Physics 1

Kink from a Person Centered Perspective; Part 3 - Abuse

In my first two posts in this series I looked at the traditional attitudes to bdsm, and how they are changing, and in part 2 at… 1,002 more words


A Brief Glimpse

I’ve been missing Lynne a lot recently. She pops into my head frequently although not yet into my dreams.

I was sitting in the doctors’ waiting room and a woman walked through with her two small children. 695 more words

Odd Feelings, wheels spinning – Post 34

Hey Hunnybuns,

So I have a play event supposedly this Friday in the next city over where friend has offered a lift to, the couple I ended up seeing on the night out on Friday are going, the next day the Saturday am supposedly meeting a guy I have been speaking to on Fetlife, he’s offering to take me through a few things I have been interested in and it will be my first solo play thing through the website, not gonna lie, both excited and a little scared, I will be dressed up and there will be some light bondage and spanking involved as well as some edging and teasing, I was the one who requested there to be a little cock worship demanded of me, I may need to clean out as I also may have asked to be filled with his seed and sent home plugged, I was horrendously aroused while I was writing that and now I’m a little panicked, but I find that exciting, I may be getting back late on the Saturday early hours so we won’t be meeting till late afternoon, I had to jump in the shower yesterday so while I was there I caged myself up again, gonna try to last till Saturday even through the play event Friday I don’t have any plans for release. 466 more words

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