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FaceTory January 2017

Oh FaceTory, how I love thee. This is only my second month of this mask sub, but seeing that shipment email and then the subsequent yellow box in my mailbox just make my day! 662 more words


Downtown Phully Cheesesteaks (Woodland Hills, CA)

Decided to go here last minute. No plan, no nothin’. Sometimes those times just work out for the best. And are we glad that was the case for this eatery 😁 359 more words


My first experience as Dom!

This morning I had a new gentleman come over,. who is a local business owner. Being somebody who has lots of stress in his life he was really interested in finding a  younger girl to spoil in exchange for being dominated. 438 more words

Wedding photos

Here some of the wonderful weddings i been too, while we was on holiday a couple was getting married the next day and they was by themselves and offer to take photos for them in that lovely setting i guess you will know when you see the photos.



My Sir recently asked me to list 10 things I wanted him to use on me and why.

In making my list, I thought about each item carefully. 318 more words

A deeper feeling...

He is my Dom, people would judge.

How many people would really understand?

Although, it’s sad that they don’t, not sd for me, sad for them. 192 more words


Saturday morning...

It’s been a while, I fell asleep in Master’s bed after a good fucking on Friday night and woke happily in his arms on Saturday morning. 532 more words