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Let's Talk About "Vampire Knight" (DUB/SUB)-Highly Recommended

You’re sitting in your living room. It’s dark. You gaze at the Netflix titles glowing on-screen; you have seen this title referenced before.

Vampire Knight. 302 more words


Rain Dominance

Order me to my knees.  I am sturdy upon my bent legs, finding my greatest strength in my submission before You.  My gaze tracks upwards. I admire Your muscular thighs, mouth agape as my eyes travel to revere Your weighty balls, watching Your cock pulse as blood begins to lengthen You.  551 more words


I'm an addict for dramatics I confuse the two for love🎶

I’ve been reading a series of short stories written in first person by a submissive. It’s normally hard for me to get into fictional erotica.. it’s all so cheesy and over played, however I’m enjoying this book. 375 more words


Battle of Yavin

When you’re fucking someone, even if it’s for recreation, it can still be hard to talk about your romantical feelings towards someone else. In retrospect it’s odd that it’s that taboo of a subject but it is, the society that we live in is too ego driven–eggshell aware. 988 more words


My (Rambling) Thoughts On Malesub and Masculinity

Good day to all you Kinksters out there!

Sorry for not posting in a while (without announcing a known hiatus), but work, August heat/mugginess, and depression have taken their toll on me in the last few weeks. 1,692 more words


Licentiousness and Demi-sexuality

Many believe promiscuity and sapiosexualism can’t go to bed together (I told ya’ll I’m punny), however I do…

I identify with both, I am… as this blog reveals… far from sexually inhibited HOWEVER it is challenging for me to have sex with someone if I don’t find them mentally stimulating. 345 more words



Traverse through the origins, or elements, of Plasmon in this 5 song EP, featuring Chillstep from my very heart and soul! May it light your street with good vibes. 124 more words

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