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Slave me pt 1.

I have to confess. I am a sex addict.
I just love the way it feel. I mean who doesn’t.
Just think about, or let me just give you a glimpse of what I feel, need and want step by step, piece by piece. 674 more words


"I missed you too Mistress"

I turn the keys into the door, pause for a second (considerate i know!) give him time to reach the door and take his position, on his knees that is. 287 more words



There are a few things that are more important then you

There might be a few things more important then me

But there is nothing -absolutely nothing- more important then “US” 25 more words


Dominate me

Your flesh will I dominate

As your will I eviscerate

Come darling, enter this Mistresses abase

Agonizing pleasure…do you dare to taste?

Lick your intentions along my shoes heel… 160 more words

Erotic Art

Define casual 

So a few months back while discussing arrangements and what I wanted out of my sexual ventures RG disclosed he had topped casually and I came to the conclusion that I didn’t want to be casually topped. 304 more words


About "Independence"

A beautiful extract of the subs journal:

I find it pretty interesting how I lived my entire life valuing my independence, full of pride for owning it, fighting anyone who even dares to question it, let alone attempts to challenge it.

96 more words

I am grateful...

Dommes remember… be grateful, appreciate your subs gift (his life), and make sure he knows it.

A sub could be doing so many things with with his life, but he chose to give it to you. 93 more words