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The whip marks are raised on your pale flesh.
The red leaving of my hand on your ass.
Your body stretched taut,
the muscles in your legs defined sharply… 82 more words

Poker Night

It was Saturday. The week, much like busy weeks tend to do, had flown by like a manic hummingbird. This was also the third Saturday of the month, which meant poker night. 1,477 more words


How Submission Has Improved My Life

Though we did not know what it was back then, we have been in a D/s and BDSM relationship since high school. I remember as a junior, when Daddy tied me up for the first time to my headboard. 659 more words


Strong Enough

Strong Enough

I am strong enough
to force you to your knees,
my fist wrapped in your hair,
the pain of it all reducing you to a slave… 100 more words

Blog #1. The Games I Play.

Hi, and welcome to my very first ever blog on this channel, this post is going to be about my favorite games. Game #1, Fortnite. I’ve been playing this game for a couple of months and it is by far the best game ever. 233 more words


And You Are Left Gasping

And You Are Left Gasping

And you are left gasping.
No fragile opening left unassaulted,
tender, split asunder, filled,

There are marks,
red, angry, some swollen and raw. 42 more words


Yes, it is uncomfortable.
Less the chains than the helplessness,
the remembrance of all that I could do
and have done.

The anticipation
of pain. 14 more words