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Only in Poetry, I have power

No more white gaze on my agile tongue speaking a fifth language with an

No more white gaze on the “cheaper” countries in the world, people subjected to… 306 more words


Being Human

Hear the bells ring! Hear the birds sing!

Hear the television bawl! Hear the politicians drawl! Here the nation runs

On a treadmill that sees no end near… 729 more words


Subaltern Studies drew their field from Gramsci’s writing on the subaltern which he define in terms of subordinate social groups and classes.

Gramsci was interested in identifying these groups, studying their histories and representations to bring about a transformation of their consciousness and their material living condition. 258 more words


who belongs in the Indian City? - an experiment in defining indian urbanity by conner singh vanderbeek

An essay by Conner Singh Vanderbeek as part of the series Urban Body : Entrapments & Releases, to celebrate 70 years of independence.

This project is supported by… 4,390 more words

New Culture

“Dalit Women and Foodscape: A Subaltern Feminist Perspective” by Shalini Mulackal (India)

Shalani Mulackal starts from a Dalit perspective in her reflection on “Dalit Women and Foodscape: A Subaltern Feminist Perspective.” She shares the situation of single woman parent in Delhi with 2 children with not enough to buy food. 444 more words

Papers And Articles

The Small Voices of History..

What if I were to ask you to name the people associated with national movements? You most probably would come up with names like Mahatma Gandhi, Bhagat Singh, Subash Chandra Bose and many more. 679 more words

NEW ISSUE - borderlands (16.1)

ACCESS ISSUE ONLINE: http://www.borderlands.net.au/issues/vol16no1.html


  • INTRODUCTION – Anne Begg & Vijay Devadas
    Border politics
  • Anelynda Mielke – Objectifying the Border: Symbolism and Subaltern Experience of Borders in Palestine and Canada…
  • 268 more words