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Subaltern Urbanisation in India

This paper proposes an approach to urbanisation processes by defining a concept of subaltern urbanisation, which refers to growth of settlement agglomerations (which may or may not be denoted urban by the Census of India) that are autonomous and independent from the metropolis and interact with other settlements, whether local or global. 340 more words



When you call a child names what reaction does this usually elicit? An impassioned ‘don’t call me that!’, a furious ‘I’m not [x]!’, a tantrum of sorts. 1,254 more words

Response:‘Africa in Oceania: Thinking Besides the Subaltern’ (Sofia Aatkar)

Response to research seminar by Dr Robbie Shilliam, QMUL, ‘Africa in Oceania: Thinking Besides the Subaltern’

by Sofia Aatkar, MRes English Literary Research

8 December 2015… 585 more words

Postcolonial Studies

Epistemic Disobedience and the Decolonial Option: A Manifesto By Walter Mignolo

The themes and questions that were proposed were not new, but rather, they continued prior reflections, conversations, and previously published articles. Enrique Dussel and Santiago CastroGómez had already introduced the reflection regarding critical theory, and Nelson MaldonadoTorres that of the agency of the damnés de la terre (the wretched of the earth), a category that relocates and regionalizes categories framed by other historical experiences (e.g., on the one hand, the 45 | W. 397 more words


Could You Please, Please Stop Singing? Book Review

Could You Please, Please Stop Singing?
Sabyasachi Nag
Mosaic Press
Available at: http://www.mosaic-press.com/product/could-you-please-please-stop-singing/

Review by: Bhaswati Ghosh

First published at http://www.citrusmag.com/#!bookwarm/ddvnt

It’s a sobering morning as I write this. 1,406 more words

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Culture wars: The myth of good versus evil

In my country, the victory of good over evil is a big deal. It is celebrated with increasing bone-rattling noise and furore around this time every year. 990 more words