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Subalternity part 1- When comics cheat...

        “Education is suffering from narration sickness”                                                                                                                               – Paulo Freire, ‘Pedagogy of the oppressed’.

This is very true of our country, where the largely narrative education system makes the students passive subjects to the process of knowledge deposition.   780 more words

Strategic Essentialism

Gayatri Spivak, in Subaltern Studies: Deconstructing Historiography, posits that although essentialism is highly problematic for the knowledge it creates about the “other”, there is sometimes a political and social need for what she calls “strategic essentialism.” Spivak uses this term to refer to the strategy that nationalities, ethnic groups or minority groups can use to present themselves. 160 more words

Literary Theory

Feminism: Power, Desire, Interest, and the Voice of the Subaltern

Discussions on female sexuality and empowerment have reignited across social media in recent weeks, largely thanks to this nude selfie of Kim Kardashian. As with all issues of debate, public response has been divided into two camps, each arguing Kardashian’s public display of sexuality as for or against the feminist agenda of advancing women’s rights. 1,203 more words

29. The Sergeant-Major's D.C.M. by F. H. Geake

One of the results of our work with the Belgian Army was that I was sent a Belgian Medaille Militaire, to be awarded to someone of my selection. 387 more words

27. Fires, by F. H. Geake

The following are all separate incidents, having no bearing upon one another, but perhaps may as well be recorded together.


I was doing some work in my orderly room, probably some time in 1918, when my orderly room corporal came in to say that a dump was on fire. 1,506 more words

Selective empathy of the West

The world is horrified : another terrorist attack hit the West in the heart of Europe. Explosions shook the airport and a subway station in Brussels. 581 more words