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The subaltern melody

She has a voice even though she hasn’t found hers yet.
What will happen when she does? 


Mine to bear

There’s a crick in my shoulder.

A stiffness; there it is again –

that niggling pain.

Hard like a boulder

yet heavier still…

what could it be? 166 more words


Culture & Communication : Public Sphere and Conflict

Avni Sethi, a trained kathak dancer and designer who has put together Ahmedabad’s first “participatory” museum of conflict, Conflictorium was here at MICA to take us through the concept of… 550 more words

Characters in Costume Blogfest: Grendel from Beowulf

Okay, so I signed up for looking at King Arthur and, well, that was an attempt to bite off far more than one post could chew. 873 more words

Books And Reading

To what degree can we recover the voices of empires’ subalterns?

Recent historical scholarship has increasingly focused on looking at ‘history from below’ to recover voices from the past that have largely been ignored in grand historical narratives. 2,292 more words


Eternal Frankenstein read-a-thon #3 | Siobhan Carroll

In the coming weeks, I will be reviewing the new Word Horde anthology Eternal Frankenstein, edited by Ross E. Lockhart. As was the case with my read-a-thon of… 631 more words

Book Review

re: the subaltern and also Ethics

Steve Paulson interviews feminist, Marxist, and post-colonial studies scholar Gayatri Spivak.

It refers to those who don’t give orders; they only receive orders. That comes from Antonio Gramsci, who made the word current.  59 more words