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We the subaltern
If nakedness has a color
If nakedness is primitive
Then let us be covered
By another color



Reading Subaltern Studies. Critical History, Contested Meaning and the Globalization of South Asia

Historical Origins: Insurgency, Nationalism, and Social Theory In the last forty years, scholars have produced countless studies of societies, histories, and cultures ‘from below’ which have dispersed terms, methods, and bits of theory used in Subaltern Studies among countless academic sites. 369 more words


Spivak - a few horrifying notes

The one clear thing about “Can the Subaltern speak?” is that it has been a tremendously influential essay, stirring up debate for 25+ years, and still going strong. 2,806 more words


Beauty for Ashes

Love’s in need of love today.[1]

Coming from an evangelical background, I’ve had these dueling tendencies. On the one hand, we were constantly admonished to “take everything captive”, to be aware of the Devil, who comes like a lion prowling for what he may devour. 835 more words


The Agency of "Consumers" in Less Economically Dominant Countries: Can the Buyer Speak?

This is a response to a very important blog post from ‘Invisible Column’:


The framing of charity donations in light of culturally-specific norms (in the post from ‘Invisible Column’ I am reblogging, is a very interesting and important consideration. 495 more words

"The Great Flaneur Massacre" Novella, and Uncomfortable Questions for YOU (That's Right)

The title of my soon-to-self-published-novella (curiously enough, given the title of this blog post) is: “The Great Flaneur Massacre.”

I haven’t given you the long-winded, pretentious sub-title of the “scholar’s colon” so beloved of pretentious writers (not to say flaneurs! 290 more words


When one has touched an article of genuine worth and become steeped in its nuances, one is able to tell the difference between the ‘real thing’ and a replica. 873 more words

Asperger's Syndrome