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Making sense of postcolonial theory: a response to Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak By Vivek Chibber

I will respond as best I can to Gayatri Spivak’s criticisms of Postcolonial theory and the specter of capital (Chibber 2013) (hereafter PTSC), though, as I will suggest below, the task is not an easy one, owing to Spivak’s peculiar style of engagement. 748 more words


Revisiting Nationalist Historiography through the Narrativization of Past Events: Reading Shahid Amin’s Reconstruction of Chauri Chaura

The preoccupation with knowledge/power in historiography and the politics of knowledge creation and its legitimization have always had an uneven and problematic history. This paper highlights the importance of revisiting the past through the narrativization of events, in the context of historiographical studies in India. 263 more words


Retracing the concept of the subaltern from Gramsci to Spivak: Historical developments and new applications

Post-colonialial theory as a recent field of study has lately become one of the most attractive academic disciplines – if it can be called a discipline – that incessantly triggers piles and piles of literature written by art of critics, social reformists, political scientists, literary critics and political economists. 355 more words



We the subaltern
If nakedness has a color
If nakedness is primitive
Then let us be covered
By another color



We the Altern (with Teju Cole, Zainabu Jallo,


So, throughout secondary school, I understood the word ‘hipster’ to be someone who did the weird but cool-in-a-way-most-of-us-could-not-understand-maybe-cool-because-of-rep-status-actually things.

And so when I think of the altern, I not only think of the subaltern (which I learnt from my EE research process on Rushdie’s novels), people of a lower economic class than us (because we know, face it, economic class matters in many ways that are significant.), people of a different race, gender, sexual orientation, etc., people of the race, gender, sexual orientation etc. 1,252 more words


Reading Subaltern Studies. Critical History, Contested Meaning and the Globalization of South Asia

Historical Origins: Insurgency, Nationalism, and Social Theory In the last forty years, scholars have produced countless studies of societies, histories, and cultures ‘from below’ which have dispersed terms, methods, and bits of theory used in Subaltern Studies among countless academic sites. 369 more words


Spivak - a few horrifying notes

The one clear thing about “Can the Subaltern speak?” is that it has been a tremendously influential essay, stirring up debate for 25+ years, and still going strong. 2,806 more words