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Spring & Sap & Sprouts & Stuff

Despite the slight frost on the car windscreen this morning we have definitely arrived at Spring.  The sky was bright by 7am and it will be bright when I get home tonight.   462 more words


Can Liberalism Reform Through Honesty?: Meditations on What the SubAltern/Hegemonic Theory Offers for Understanding the Problems of International Diplomacy and Law

In Mohammed Ayoob’s chapter on “Making Sense of Global Tensions” in Towards the Dignity of Difference? Neither End of History nor Clash of Civilizations, the author offers a structural theory of international relations that defines nations as either subaltern or hegemonic, depending on their level of development, nationhood and a number of other definitive variables. 1,277 more words

What can a writer write about

Dear little blog,

While walking past a group of people, I overhead a debate between two people on how the other cannot judge or understand someone else’s experience because they are not the same race or gender. 436 more words

A quick bit about Hegemony and the Definition of Subaltern

In one of my classes (Comm 260: Identity and Difference) we’re talking about some complicated theoretical stuff. Specifically the concepts of hegemony and subaltern. So for an assignment for that class, I need to try and explain what I think those two definitions are here, so here we go! 482 more words

History from below

The picture above is by the well-known late C19 landscape artists John Fullwood, of a scene off North Street that no longer exists. Fullwood was not all that common in that beside his landscape work, he took time to document some of the Black Country’s poorest parts, most notably a series of etchings of Wolverhampton prior to the modernisation works throughout the 1880s. 754 more words


Subalternity and crisis - Sharad Chari

Not this freedom, insists Lindela Figlan, security guard and office-holder of Abahlali baseMjondolo (ABM), the shack-dweller’s movement that has challenged many facets of suffering in South Africa’s informal settlements. 712 more words

A Genealogy of the Emergence of Decoloniality

In today’s podcast Vitamin D reached out to Dr. Roberto D. Hernandez of San Diego State University to talk about the concept of decoloniality and the history of its emergence within the context of his own political formation as a Chicano activist raised in San Ysidro – blocks from the U.S.-Mexico border and the site of the busiest port of entry in the world. 317 more words