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Cheese toast mosaic – the salty crunchy budget meal!

Leftovers – no waste!

The Angel in my Bed.

A Facebook friend’s post caught my eye. Roughly translated, the quote declared that a truly wise man remains silent as he observes the world around him. 246 more words


U for Untouchable

Ok by now,all of you know about my lazy nature.I am quiet lazy while picking up any book,but when I do….i read them wholeheartedly.I believe in good books and they should be small in number.I am a voracious reader,but few have left any mark on my cognitive texture.I will be speaking about one such book today. 794 more words

A Bit Of Everything

Lo spazio da rivendicare

Cosa vuol dire effettivamente non dimenticare un’ingiustizia del passato che continua a produrre i suoi effetti sul presente?

Ogni anno ci sono date, come il 9 Aprile (massacro di Deir Yassin nel 1948), il 16-18 Settembre (massacro di Sabra e Shatila del 1982), le date delle operazioni militari israeliane più recenti sulla Striscia di Gaza (da “Piombo Fuso” nel 2008/2009, a “Pilastro di Difesa” nel 2012, a “Bordo Protettivo” nel 2014), e molti altri momenti bui della storia palestinese, che riportano alla mente episodi del passato che hanno modificato per sempre le vite di molte persone, di intere aree geografiche, di un popolo nella sua interezza. 1,345 more words


Hip Hop as Subaltern

I had an opportunity to give a presentation in January at a conference called Portals of Discovery, which was put on by the English Department at Huron University College. 1,717 more words

Spring & Sap & Sprouts & Stuff

Despite the slight frost on the car windscreen this morning we have definitely arrived at Spring.  The sky was bright by 7am and it will be bright when I get home tonight.   462 more words


Can Liberalism Reform Through Honesty?: Meditations on What the SubAltern/Hegemonic Theory Offers for Understanding the Problems of International Diplomacy and Law

In Mohammed Ayoob’s chapter on “Making Sense of Global Tensions” in Towards the Dignity of Difference? Neither End of History nor Clash of Civilizations, the author offers a structural theory of international relations that defines nations as either subaltern or hegemonic, depending on their level of development, nationhood and a number of other definitive variables. 1,277 more words

What can a writer write about

Dear little blog,

While walking past a group of people, I overhead a debate between two people on how the other cannot judge or understand someone else’s experience because they are not the same race or gender. 436 more words