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About not fearing the future

I reckon that our fears about the future are mostly embodiments of how we feel about the world and how we feel about ourselves in it. 488 more words

Analyzing the Subaltern: An invisible strikethrough

“Since the word is inaccurate, it is crossed out. Since it is necessary, it is left eligible.”
– Martin Heidegger, in a letter to Ernst Junger, 1956. 1,053 more words

Masters Degree Life: Media Criticism

The Banned Santhal

I hadn’t heard of Hansda Sowvendra Shekhar until the Jharkhand state government’s decision to ban this book. Like most bans on books, this one too is inane for many reasons. 400 more words

Subaltern Labour

Many revolutionary socialists are joining the Labour Party in Britain to support and take forward what has been called the ‘Corbyn Revolution’, the upswing of activity and hope that has accompanied the election and re-election of Jeremy Corbyn as leader of the party and then his success in taking the party close to victory in the 2017 general election. 2,456 more words

Introducing the Third World Archives Solidarity Project

UC San Diego’s Lumumba Zapata Collective is happy to announce the Third World Archives Solidarity Project. We are seeking to develop a network of scholars and community members who may be interested in offering material support to DIY archives in the Global South which center the historical experiences of subaltern groups. 664 more words


the other side of budge budge : celebrating world music day 2017 - a photographic exhibition

The Other Side of Budge Budge : Celebrating World Music Day 2017

The Other Side of Budge Budge : a dystopian hell, is a segment in the interdisciplinary project organized by Culture Monks called ¨Checkpoint Hoogly¨. 379 more words


re: a "Trivial Profession"

Places Journal published, ‘Jane Jacobs and the Death and Life of American Planning‘, an essay by Associate Professor Thomas J. Campanella.

Therein he explains why; 57 more words

Built Environment