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Characters in Costume Blogfest: Grendel from Beowulf

Okay, so I signed up for looking at King Arthur and, well, that was an attempt to bite off far more than one post could chew. 873 more words

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Eternal Frankenstein read-a-thon #3 | Siobhan Carroll

In the coming weeks, I will be reviewing the new Word Horde anthology Eternal Frankenstein, edited by Ross E. Lockhart. As was the case with my read-a-thon of… 631 more words

Book Review

re: the subaltern and also Ethics

Steve Paulson interviews feminist, Marxist, and post-colonial studies scholar Gayatri Spivak.

It refers to those who don’t give orders; they only receive orders. That comes from Antonio Gramsci, who made the word current.  59 more words


Swami Vivekananda raised voice for Indian Subaltern (Dalits)


-Swami Vivekananda deserving Bharat Ratana for serving subaltern-

Let men have the light of liberty. That is only condition of growth…  – Swami Vivekananda…

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Dr. B.R. Ambedkar

What If You Cannot Speak? Postcolonial Critique and the Subaltern

What determines your ability to speak? Your ability to participate in community or politics? What determines your status as a subject? What if you cannot “speak” in such spaces but must instead be spoken of by those who are given the status or role of “subject”? 242 more words


Si chiama Sumud

Forse è vero che non possiamo comprendere pienamente la dimensione della nostra umanità senza aver prima conosciuto la sofferenza. Forse non possiamo veramente dire di aver intuito che cos’è, molto in fondo, ciò che ci rende umani, senza aver prima compreso il significato del dolore. 1,102 more words


Strategic Essentialism

Gayatri Spivak, in Subaltern Studies: Deconstructing Historiography, posits that although essentialism is highly problematic for the knowledge it creates about the “other”, there is sometimes a political and social need for what she calls “strategic essentialism.” Spivak uses this term to refer to the strategy that nationalities, ethnic groups or minority groups can use to present themselves. 160 more words

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