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Subatomic Particles

Subatomic Particles

Our star bodies are made of elementals and sub atomic particles.

As the laws of nature work on all That
OM Tat Sat… 68 more words


Joy of Playing Golf on a Sunny Day

We have been blessed with unusually good weather last several days. So my husband and I have played golf 3 times already after coming back from Japan. 220 more words


Wednesday: A Trilogy In Two Parts (Part 2)

So Toby wants to co-author a book on astrophysics. Which, given we’re in high school I thought was a little ambitious. But I had a go anyway. 440 more words

february 2015

Decoding sugar addiction
“Separate neural circuits control sugar cravings and healthy eating”
Picower Institute for Learning and Memory, MIT —  January 29, 2015

DNA nanoswitches reveal how life’s molecules connect… 150 more words



When a heavy lepton decays, one of the particles it decays into is always its corresponding neutrino. The other particles “could be” a quark and its antiquark, or another lepton and its antineutrino. 638 more words

Common Sense

New analysis shows a way to self-propel subatomic particles

Some physical principles have been considered immutable since the time of Isaac Newton: Light always travels in straight lines. No physical object can change its speed unless some outside force acts on it. 908 more words


Universe in my verses Universo em meus versos

This is the story
of creation,
in a Universe

Esta é a história
da criação,
em um Universo
em expansão.

There are 13.7 billion years… 904 more words

Force Of Gravity