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Elettrodinamica quantistica (QED) e particelle virtuali

A molti di noi la meccanica quantistica appare una materia complessa, appannaggio di pochi appassionati, e dei fisici  di professione che hanno le chiavi per sopravvivere ai passaggi e alle conoscenze necessarie per penetrare la materia che governa il mondo che ci riguarda. 1,303 more words

Science Communication

Theories - FTL Data Transmission.

Damn it all, FTL data transmission is on the tip of my damn pen but I’m overcomplicating it. (How I think it would work anyway..) 238 more words


Fun Facts and Inspiration for March 23

Fun Facts and Inspiration for March 23



 “Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal; nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude.” Thomas Jefferson… 319 more words

Fun Facts

The Discovery of Subatomic Particles

Salaam (May God Bless You). Elements are made of atoms which are made of three more subatomic particles which are known as proton, neutron and electron. 657 more words


Atomic Thoughts - a Chemist's Perspective

Atoms are the basic unit of matter that make up everything around you – but what makes up atoms? Subatomic particles (directly meaning “part of the atom”) are tiny particles that make up an atom. 134 more words


Subatomic Particles

Subatomic particles are, what I think, one of the most interesting things I’ve studied so far in my education. Although we never studied them in much depth it has always been a topic which has attracted my interest and I wanted to know more about. 784 more words