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The Discovery of Subatomic Particles

Salaam (May God Bless You). Elements are made of atoms which are made of three more subatomic particles which are known as proton, neutron and electron. 657 more words


Atomic Thoughts - a Chemist's Perspective

Atoms are the basic unit of matter that make up everything around you – but what makes up atoms? Subatomic particles (directly meaning “part of the atom”) are tiny particles that make up an atom. 134 more words


Subatomic Particles

Subatomic particles are, what I think, one of the most interesting things I’ve studied so far in my education. Although we never studied them in much depth it has always been a topic which has attracted my interest and I wanted to know more about. 784 more words


Atomic Structure

Subatomic particles

Atoms were considered to be the smallest particle a matter is composed of but this is not true. Atoms are composed of three subatomic particles; protons, neutrons and electrons. 801 more words


Cosmic Rays

Cosmic rays remain, for the most part, a cosmic mystery.

But then, what about the universe doesn’t still remain partially shrouded in mystery?

Cosmic rays are radiation, but they’re not electromagnetic. 543 more words



at last. she is finally gone. torn to atomic shreds, perhaps even beyond the quantum fuzz. and yet i still wish her to be further destroyed.