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Maybe The Universe Just Isn’t That Into You.

Spiritual Responsibility in a Fluffy Bunny World.

By Colette Brown.

Soul Rocks Books, 2013.

Author and tarot consultant Colette Brown is a spiritual person. Her book… 503 more words

Witnessed Up Close

Reefer Madness (1936)

What-The-Fuck-O-Metre 7

What’s It All About? A highly inaccurate propaganda film detailing the risks of marijuana.

Where Is The Love? The 1970’s saw the rise of exploitation films and drug use come in hand. 155 more words


From "Benchwarming in the Bleachfields" by Lila-Jenny Swanson II

HOPEWELL, MI – It has been said that human subcultures are fractally nested, and that there is no bottom. Pundits have also claimed that in the age of the internet, people with interests so specific and so far outside the mainstream can come together and commiserate in ways that would have once been impossible. 409 more words


New meaning of "subculture"

This is a concise translation of the ideas from this public resource describing changes in society that took place in Russia in the last 30 years… 946 more words

для всех

Things are messy: Be Careful What You Wish For

I was going to write a blog about Twitter, and voice and collectively generated knowledge, but this came out instead.  It is a starting point, for thinking through #beforethedrugsrunout 1,292 more words


Feeling all Bradshaw and Horvath...

Google has failed me. I just smashed a whole packet of yoghurt covered cranberries into my mouth at breakneck speed and I can only blame the stress of writing this first post. 315 more words