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Gender in subcultures and fandom:

Within society there are objects that have been gendered, like Action Man for boys and Barbie for girls, aftershave for males and perfume for females, boxers for men and frilly knickers for women, however in this modern society were more and more people are openly breaking the gender binaries, these social ideals are slowly being broken as androgynous males begin to perform femininity and androgynous females perform masculinity.   417 more words

Constellation PDP

The first year’s constellation consisted of a series of Study Skills lectures to begin with, as a way of ensuring we had the necessary skills to write our first essay on Controversy. 972 more words


My Constellation Tutorial

I found my personal tutorial with Cath really useful.
I knew I wanted to write about ‘Grunge’ and its influences but I wasn’t sure how to word my question or where to start. 65 more words


What is a hipster?

I used to think that the word “hipster” had grown too all-encompassing to be meaningful. Instead of pointing to a specific fashion and musical genre like the term “emo,” “hipster” quickly began to refer to more than one subculture. 1,019 more words

The 'e' word

Recently, in the real world, I outed myself as a goth, and my leaning towards the goth subculture has changed me in quite a few ways. 707 more words


Teen Films — the combination of “troubles”

–Ting Xu

During the youth media study, data lab is a new and amazing way to gather data information to explore more depth knowledge, especially for the youth film learning. 680 more words


Below the Surface - Semiotics

By Xin Jiang
Films have been a significant role in youth cultures. During this course, we have been encouraged to use the collaborative spreadsheet to build a dataset of films in order to learn more details about youth culture. 849 more words