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Visual Thinking Strategies

Metacognition – The awareness and understanding of your own thought processes.

What is going on? –

What makes me think that? –

What else can I see? 109 more words

Visual Communication


VTS – Visual Thinking Strategy

What is happening? – What makes you think that? – What more can you find?

Metacognition: outside of own understanding, knowing the methods you are using to learn. 119 more words

Subcultures - VTS

The visual thinking strategy, something we used to identify symbols in pictures that represent that a  group of people (a person) is from a certain subculture/group, we had a few images and scanned them for different signifiers which may have represented which subculture their based in. 231 more words


Visual Thinking Strategies [VTS]

In todays lesson we used VTS (Visual Thinking Strategy) in order to understand what is going on in the image. Our tutor showed us a variety of images and we had to answer 3 different questions: 50 more words

Visual Communication


Today in class we were looking at how to analyse images.

The best way to analyse an image is to use VTS which stands for Visual Thinking Strategies. 125 more words


Subcultures Target Audience

My target audience will be the readers of the Creative Review; this could range from graphic designers, to design students, photographers to type producers, illustrators to anyone who is associated with design. 52 more words