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Toulouse: Subcultures @ Espace Croix Baragnon - Part II

We continue our coverage (See Part I here) on the current exhibition ‘Subcultures’ in ‘L’espace Croix Baragnon’ in Toulouse curated by… 192 more words


Daily Word Meditation, Day Thirty Eight “Community”

Daily Word Meditation, Day Thirty Eight “Community” 3/18/16

by Lisa King | Friday, March 18

Community is something that until recently, I have struggled with. I’ve always wanted to be a part of a supportive and collective community, especially surrounding my art and music. 720 more words

Daily Musings Of A Madwoman

When Vanilla and Kink Worlds Collide

Being ill is overwhelming me at the moment. Yesterday, every ounce of energy in me had died, but I went to a play party anyway. I knew I would be at my worst, but I also knew who would be there: Precisely the kind of friends I want to be around when I’m at my worst. 404 more words


Art As Engineering

A Conversation with Gabriel Duquette and Haley Thurston

Gabriel Duquette is a co-founder of Liposuction (tagline “aesthetics without all the fat”). He started the site with Haley Thurston, who studied art at Yale before contributing to… 3,533 more words

Subculture in twenty first century

Diana Gile
BA illustration level 4
Critical and contextual studies.

Contemporary design practice

How design is used by subcultures to differentiate themselves from the larger culture to which they belong. 1,721 more words




Aside from fandoms there are also subcultures, we are either part of both of these or just one to understand this better subcultures will need some explaining.   518 more words


Howl Against Society

Nowadays subcultures aren’t as exclusive as they used to be. What I mean by this is that everybody is connected through the internet and through that, subcultures borrow from others. 401 more words

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