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Classification Territories and Arts of Resistance in the Urban Space

Author: Aliki Kylika

By 2050 65-75% of the world population will live in cities.[1] As more people are gathered in the urban centres, the urban borders are infinitely expanded transforming the shape of the cities and of the surrounding countryside. 1,233 more words


Unshakeable Narratives and /r/thebutton

NOTE: This post first appeared at my Medium page. Go here to read the original version, and go here to see all of my posts on  2,446 more words


Studying Subcultures and street styles with Cath

For the next 8 weeks I will be having a 2hr informal lecture every thursday at 2-4 with Cath, exploring subcultures and street styles. All together, the 2,500 word essay and this section of my blog counts for 40 credits! 192 more words


When you imagine punk style, What comes to mind?

You probably imagine….Mohawks, leather accessories with spikes, combat boots, tattoos, and piercings.

Punk fashion began with an expression of nonconformity, and evolved into one of the most influential trends of mainstream fashion today. 180 more words


A subculture, a social subgroup distinguishable from mainstream culture by its non-norma-tive values, beliefs, symbols, activities, and often in the case of youth, styles and music (A. 90 more words


Jazz anecdotes

Note that the picture shows a failed fashion attempt  – everything below my waist is wrong. Shorts have to be tight around the knees, or else the silhouette does not look trendy… On a good side, the upper body was a success, I noticed at least one intense stare. 452 more words

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