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Long Tails, Big Cities, Critical Masses

In a number of posts over several years, I have expressed skepticism that the new e-technologies of the last couple of decades have had the deep effects on social life that much of the media–and a few academics–assert. 735 more words

Who Is the RV Nation?

When I dived into this hidden world of RVing a few short months ago, I was fascinated by joining a new subculture. I’ve come and gone from several varied subcultures over the years: students, vegetarians, chiropractors, breastfeeding moms, pilots, gun owners, and expatriates, for example. 2,027 more words


Getting Teams with Different Subcultures to Collaborate

(Source: hbr.org)

The term “organizational culture” can obscure an important truth: An organization often contains many cultures. This is true even if your organization is located entirely in one country, or even at one site. 849 more words


The End of My Love Affair with Geek (Sub)Culture?

From what I can tell, the point of living is to have experiences, learn from them, and then make choices accordingly based on your current level of awareness and desires at any given time. 2,083 more words

The Truth About Knew York "Hardcore"

Special guest post by Jessie Nagy

Yes, every writing is mine. I don’t spend my free time getting drunk at bars just to speak on the woman’s level, so why assume otherwise? 6,418 more words

Political Correctness

The food of our people is not cheap.

In our local supermarket, the gluten free section is in the same aisle as the ethnic foods. It’s right there beside the Asian and Hispanic food. 1,113 more words

Celiac Disease

DIT Dreamland

Today was finalist results day for the students on my Post-Punk Britain Module.  Together we’ve laughed, done cutting and pasting, swapped celebrity gossip, kicked over a few statues and analysed the history of subcultural theory and practice.  1,020 more words