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Skate Photography

After looking at photographers of other subcultures I thought I would focus on skateboarder photography now. Though it’s a subculture, skate photography is generally pretty different to that of other subcultures. 892 more words

Photographing a Subculture...

While in London I found a number of photographers that focused on the subcultures of Britain and so decided to delve further into photographing subjects like this as this is going to be a big part of making my zine. 814 more words

Having it doesn’t need your approval

Stating the obvious to kick things off; music cultures have a style. Country music throughout the last century has maintained its folk patina. Jazz in the 1920s was a sub-cultural whirlwind of brass fashion. 374 more words


Existing Zines

With the world of zines gaining popularity there is an ever growing library of zines out there. I decided to scour through all different genres of existing zines to try and inspire my own working and help me understand the zine community a little bit more. 781 more words

Subcultures in Subcultures?

When we split up people within our culture into groups the result is different subcultures. But surely not everyone in each separate subculture is exactly the same – especially when the one of the key values is individualism. 631 more words

'Underground' Photo shoot Semiotics

Location Shoot:

Denotations and connotations:

Facial expression: Smiling – Conveys she’s happy to be there and many others are happy at raves.

Lighting: Bright – Conveys happiness and joy. 529 more words


A Day Out in London

I decided to take a trip to London to help further my research and give me a chance to take some photographs that could possibly be used in my zine. 706 more words