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Subcultures; Double Page Spread Initial ideas

As I am getting pretty far in to designing my front cover however I have done nothing towards my double page spread so I decided after some research on the subject. 276 more words


Target Audience 16.01.17

Today I needed to decide who my target audience would be for my article and front cover. As I am working towards creating a front cover and article for the Creative Review, it would make sense to have their target audience the people I will make my work for. 110 more words

Subcultures; Starting Designs

So far I have been developing the imagery for my front cover for the magazine but I haven’t actually developed any ideas for the layout/ how it will look. 136 more words


Pecha Kucha 16.01.17

Today we showed a powerpoint to the class and our tutors including the work and research that we had conducted so far. Here is the powerpoint that I created. 25 more words

Sketches For Front Cover

The first idea that I had was stuck in my head for very long. Sancha opened my eyes by saying to sketch some more ideas to think further then I did so far. 616 more words


Mid-Project Crit


To get a better understanding of how far we had got in the project and to give us some feedback, we had a mid-project crit with our tutors. 160 more words

Visual Communication

Rough Ideas

Here are a couple of thumbnail rough sketches I created from my ideas to start the ball rolling. The first idea was inspired by a 1950’s advert that was showcasing the new Brothel Creepers, the choice of shoe for many Teddy Boys. 206 more words