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Subcultures: Jean Paul Gaultier

Some companies when they manufacture their products, have particular subcultures they want to target and appeal.  The ways in which they do this can be with the use of colour and form in terms of aesthetics which can be a prime example of this (as mentioned in detail in my gender blog post). 649 more words

Fact-Sheet: eSports

eSports is a rapidly rising subculture in games, reaching near-mainstream status.

What is eSports? 375 more words


Interactive Poster Concept [CIU211]

The idea behind this interactive poster concept is to create a collage of the different subcultures that exist within games and animation. My project partner (Lizzet) and I felt that people either tend to overlook or were unaware of how diverse the subcultures were that existed within these two areas. 105 more words


Interactive Poster Concept (CIU211-Cultural Perspective)

For the CIU211 (cultural perspectives) class, we had to do an interdisciplinary project that would take place over the next several weeks (starting from week 6).  557 more words


Prompt #14: A Movie About a Subculture You’re Unfamiliar With

(Sorry I’m so late on this week’s post! Fail on my part.)

I know, I know: this one sounds like a school assignment. To be entirely honest, you’re not too far off the mark. 785 more words

Rae's Movie Challenge 2018


Cultural patterns are constantly changing as globalization progresses. The following short film helps to understand culture and its place within globalization.