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The Abelian House is not closed

Today I will talk about

For an algebraic integer , the house is the absolute value of the largest conjugate of Kronecker proved the following: … 2,206 more words


From the drawers of the museum

One of my amateur interests is paleontology. Paleontologists looking for new examples have two options: go out in the field and dig up a new example, or go looking through drawers of museums to find old examples that had been overlooked. 842 more words

Small Cyclotomic Integers

Julia Robinson is a famous mathematician responsible for fundamental work in logic and in particular on Hilbert’s Tenth problem. Less well known nowadays is that her husband, Raphael Robinson, was a number theorist at Berkeley. 254 more words


When confusions annihilate

As mathematicians we spend most of our lives confused about something or other. Of course, this is occasionally interrupted by moments of clarity that make it worth it. 410 more words


Cyclotomic integers, fusion categories, and subfactors (March)

Frank Calegari, Scott Morrison, and I recently uploaded to the arxiv our paper Cyclotomic integers, fusion categories, and subfactors. In this paper we give two applications of cyclotomic number theory to quantum algebra. 358 more words

Number Theory

New Journal: Quantum Topology

The European Math Society Publishing House (a non-profit publishing company which also publishes the Journal of the EMS, CMH, and half a dozen other journals) just announced a new journal: … 45 more words


Extended Haagerup Exists!

Following on from Noah’s post about the great Modular Categories conference last weekend in Bloomington, I’ll say a little about the talk I gave: Extended Haagerup exists… 558 more words