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Vairagya Satakam, and detachment

In my philosophical pursuit, I came across Vairagya Satakam of Bhartrhari, which literally translates to mean ‘100 verses on detachment’. Personally, I find it to be a very powerful statement of disillusionment and detachment. 391 more words

Words of wisdom: Acting from position of power

When we seek out to achieve something, it is better to play from the position of power. It makes it much easier.

Nakra Svasthaanamaasadya Gajendramapi Karshathi… 38 more words

Ancient Wisdom

Words of wisdom: Great men are rare (and hence precious), like genuine gems

How one leads one own life is, very much, a matter of individual’s choice. There may be some who would argue that  life is is a mere existence; something that one needs to enjoy and/or endure? 294 more words

Ancient Wisdom

Words of wisdom: Working hard

Praagutthaanam Cha Yuddham Cha Samvibhaagam Cha Bandhushu

Swayamakramyabhuktuscha Sikshet Chatvaari Kukkudaat

Getting up very early in the morning, striving for food (irrespective of whatever heights you may have achieved in the past, every day is a new day and one need to look ahead, plan and work), sharing gains with near and dear (joy shared is multiplied), eating what is acquired with one’s own effort (not living on freebies) are four qualities to be learned from rooster

Ancient Wisdom

Words of wisdom: Focused action at the right time critical to success

Indriyaani Cha Samyamya Bakavat Pandito Narah

Desakaalabalam Jnatva Sarvakaaryaani Saadhayet

Like a crane, keep your senses and emotions in check, wait for right time and place, and act decisively, with precision at the right place, at the right time. 21 more words

Ancient Wisdom

Words of wisdom: True success comes only with your best efforts

Udyamena Hi Sidhyanthi Kaaryaani Na Manorathaih

Nahi Supthasya Simhasya Pravisanthi Mukhe Mrugaah

Anything can be achieved only with due effort. Animals do not walk into the mouth of lion (as its food) 72 more words

Ancient Wisdom

Words of wisdom: A man is known by the company he keeps

As a child, I heard and read many mythological stories.

In most of these stories, there are some asuras who works against the welfare of… 341 more words

Ancient Wisdom