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His Cry for Help

There is nothing that hurts me like seeing a man cry. I’m not talking about those who were caught cheating, those who cry when drunk, those who cry when their favourite team has been beaten or momma’s boys – I’m talking about those who you’ve never seen defeated even though they find themselves in a defeating situation. 393 more words



It’s the strangest feeling being torn between two completely opposite feelings, wanting and not wanting.  The deep human desire to be loved and the utter fear of anyone ever getting close enough to even try.   495 more words


Russian Fears

Saw this article by Olga Nezhnikova on UAinfo today. Not something extraordinary for Ukrainians to say but most of Westerners definitely lack such kind of mental clarity and resolve regarding Russia. 583 more words


Loneliness triggered by exposure to "normal people"

Loneliness and feelings of not belonging have been with me for as long as I can remember. I’ve always struggled to make friends and keep them. 608 more words