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I want to be painfully clear about something. We live in a consumer culture. In order to not consume one another, as we are taught to do, we must live honestly and fiercely, without fear and without attachment. 444 more words

Subhumans of New York

I want to feel like a Human of New York, but can only reasonably aspire to sub-level organism.

Being a rat in NYC is tough. Every minute of the day is fight or flight. 193 more words

The Grapevine

What the Fuck is Authentic?

What does it mean to be authentic? This word gets tossed around a lot. So much so that it feels like people are acting out  fake authentic personas in an attempt to not be shamed for not being authentic. 690 more words


Idiots and stimulants

Majority of people seem to think that drug takers are all round fuckwits,thieves,scammers…and the list goes on. I’ve gotta admit that a lot of times there are a lot of things in the drug scenario that probably resemble or reassure what most people seem to think,but there are also natural born idiots that regardless of the intake of any substance still exist and occupy this world. 997 more words


I want to see you happy but really far away from me

I must say that my hatred against people that profess their undying love for anyone as they were saying a simple greeting. In the zillions of definitions of what love is about,I’m pretty sure they’re suppose to be eternal,unconditional,unique,flabbergasting…some say that love hurts(I Kinda get that now),some can’t explain it,some cry when they try to declare it,some can’t even declare it as their feelings overwhelms their words. 914 more words

Russian morality 4: Graveyard edition

“Photos can’t convey stench, used syringes which are everywhere, dog shit (yes, despite the “forbidden” sign dog walking is regular here) and other details of russian spirit” (quote from original publication: … 151 more words


How Human?

Each other
For inhumane


Of the antihuman
In the claims
Of being
The shame
Of humankind, 11 more words