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Um Mundo de Ilusões: A Lua

A Lua parece grande, né? E quando sobe parece menor, como se estivesse mais longe? Então, é tudo ilusão. Tudo coisa da nossa cabeça. Na verdade, ela tem sempre o mesmo tamanho, mas na foto parece mais perto e maior. 72 more words

Science For Lay People


Believing something does not make it true.  Not believing, on the other hand, does not make it untrue.  Children believe, with all their hearts, in Santa Clause at some point–that does not make Santa Clause exist.  286 more words


Lessons From Living in a Subjective Reality

Following the rise in popularity of the simulation hypothesis, I decided to return to the concept of subjective reality. I’ve read about it a lot but never gave it a proper shot. 1,851 more words

Long Stuff

What, When, and Why

In February of last year, I began excavating the subconscious in search of my own story; the triggers, motivations and intended purpose of my work (if any). 695 more words


Do Millennials in Canada Hate Free Speech?

Reality versus subjective reality. A take on the nihilism of post modernist thinking. If you are a Millennial – Jay Fayza has something very direct to say to you. 201 more words


Wanted: Spotters And Fire Marshals

“This isn’t the state of California, it’s a state of insanity.” – General Joseph W. Stilwell

Feb. 25, 1942.  Just before 3am, the Japanese launched an air raid on the city of Los Angeles; by the end of the encounter, five men were dead and numerous injured, 1500 rounds of antiaircraft artillery had been fired and several enemy saboteurs had been arrested and turned over to the F.B.I. 1,593 more words

Notes On The Collapse

A Night in the Desert: an Introduction to Perception vs Reality

One of the topics that fascinates me the most in philosophy and psychology, and will therefore feature most heavily on this blog, is the difference between perception and reality. 1,712 more words