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Commentary: Applied Learning a good move, but how about some school-life balance first?

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Will there still be enough time for play, tinkering and creativity to flourish in a child’s mad-packed schedule? One mother of three discusses the goals and limitations of a formal Applied Learning programme. 1,495 more words

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Electrical Circuit faults

All electrical faults will fall into one of four categories: –

  • Open circuit faults.
  • Short circuit faults.
  • Resistive circuit faults.
  • Parasitic drain.

Each fault will give a set of symptoms, and the diagnosis will take different forms. 129 more words



The car battery supplies current to all electrical circuits, the alternator recharges the battery. The battery operates on 12 volts which is known as potential difference (PD) 127 more words



3 points of information on Brexit:

  1. It was 51.9% of the UK electorate that had voted to leave the EU after a referendum that had occurred on the 23rd June 2016.
  2. 229 more words

Spotify's newest podcast is about mental health and startup life

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Spotify has launched a new podcast, Killing It, which tells the stories of those who have attained success in the cut-throat startup world while simultaneously battling mental health issues. 238 more words


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We cover Biology, Chemistry, and Physics at Junior and Leaving Cert levels. All aspects of the syllabi are covered.