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System Activated // Open Cell G-22

Indistinguishable Voice || Get out of my way! GET OUT OF MY WAY!

Specimen 71: Amalgamation of 20, 61, and 95 \\ Run. Yes. It’s only fun when they run. 225 more words


What's Up Doc?

My teenage years, what can I say about them. Well, I can’t honestly remember if I was a ‘typical’ teenager or not, I’d have to ask my Mum that question.   733 more words


System Activated // Release Subject 38

Director // Do you feel any sort of euphoria? Has the drug taken effect?

Experiment 38 \\ I can see your fear, Director. Taste it, too. 247 more words


13 Reasons Why : The Difference Between The Book and The TV Series

Hello to the beautiful world,

I read ’13 Reasons Why’ around two years ago and watched the season one of the TV series just last year.  342 more words

Book Reviews

How to Find Subjects You Love to Study

Studying can be difficult, especially if you don’t enjoy or have a passion for the subjects that you’re learning.

When I enjoy what I’m studying, I enjoy the act of studying itself, so I do more, learn more, and spend more time working. 1,111 more words


IELTS Essay Correction: Children Should Concentrate on All School Subjects Equally – 2.

Some people believe that children should concentrate on school subjects equally but others think that they should focus on subjects that they find interesting and can do the best. 827 more words