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Wrong Charge

Today, I went to finance office at school to pay rent, and found that my balance was strangely low.  So I talked to Scarlet to find that I was charged sometimes $1,340 and sometimes $1,185 when I was supposed to be charged $1,000 even. 33 more words


Rainbow in my cup

I drank a cup of hot chocolate this morning after I set the breakfast for Hannah.  I poured the powder into the hot water and stirred.  60 more words


Different Sense of Hygiene

At work, we have two breaks and one lunch time. And most of us go to bathroom at those times. I usually pee first and then wash my hands. 115 more words


Grasshopper half empty!

There is a cookie named Grasshopper by Keebler.

Keebler에서 만드는 메뚜기라는 과자가 있다.

A few days ago, I found it at home and because I was hungry I opened it. 79 more words


Blood Drive

My apartment office today had an event called Blood Drive so that the residents can donate blood easily. The blood bus came to our apartment. So I went to the bus after work. 72 more words


Cheapest Gas price

For last two weeks, I put gas for $3.09 per gallon which is $0.81 per litre. Today I just saw the gas price just went up. 18 more words


America, America...

I heard the news that a gunman shot at elementary school’s kinder classroom, totalling the dead 28, and probably way more people injured. About 20 were children in kinder. 227 more words