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A lovely apartment to call my own!

Having spent weeks Craigslisting and practically every evening viewing everything from studios to one-bedroom apartments to apartment shares over the last few weeks, I can safely say I’m done with apartment-hunting! 183 more words


Downtown Neon Lights

Writing about your oh-so-original New York experiences on a blog has become an almost ubiquitous resume fixture for so many. I am not a unique little snowflake – I missed that class in school – but I do like to write, observe and be horrendously judgmental and ridiculous. 250 more words

New York

Part 3: Oh Lordy, Leave Me Alone! Help for Tenants

As a tenant, you are entitled to protecting yourself under the Residential Tenancies Act (RTA) in numerous cases including lack of maintenance of home, your rights and taking action against termination notices given in bad faith.   192 more words

Paralegals 101

The sublet

I wrote this big long-winded diatribe about the difference in the sublet policy b/t condos and coops, and it started off good, but then I wrote myself into a corner as the difference is basically non-existent, but that’s another story for another time. 637 more words

A Man of Few Words and Many Beds

Gill emailed me with a question:”What the Hell is up with Crazy D?” How to answer…was she referring to his current plot to retrieve another of his beds from Toronto (of the three he has been through in the past six months)? 852 more words


Distinctions Unknown

Just leased out our place in NYC
The album takes first place
Homelessness ensues
Chaos long overdue
But for the sake of the art we let go… 29 more words