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The Esoteric Alphabet - Introduction part 8

Many years ago I knew a lovely, elderly, elocution teacher who used to teach politicians, religious leaders, media presenters and other performers, how to do this. 653 more words

What did they teach him in ESY?

For the uninitiated into the secret language of special needs education, ESY is Extended School Year. So far, Simon has qualified for it every year. 324 more words

Use the Power of Subliminal Messages to Improve Your Life!

Nobody knows exactly how subliminal messages work on our brains. However, their impact on our thinking, and behavior, is believed to be so powerful that it is illegal for advertisers to use them in many countries. 185 more words

Law Of Attraction

Sublyrical Messages #4 | Streetcorner Symphony by Rob Thomas

Some people

It’s a pity

They go all their lives and never know

How to love or to let love go

But it’s alright now… 528 more words

A Power Of Will

Saying "I m Successful " Doesn't make it So

Saying “I’m Successful” Doesn’t Make It So

By Michael G A Brown

The use of affirmations

It has been said that saying affirmations can help a person to find success in life, so are affirmations effective? 584 more words


Top Moral Panics of My Lifetime

  • AIDS: Anyone, anywhere, can get it, at anytime. In a pubic restroom, at the dentists or borrowing a toothbrush!

MUST SEE: Is Google Using Predictive Programming? [VIDEO]

Andrew Pontbriand
June 17, 2015

Today I logged in to Google as I do nearly every morning, however something caught my eye today. I looked closer and what I saw instantly sent chills down my spine. 116 more words