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Subliminal Advertising for Martial Law

This week on the New World Next Week: the pope weighs in on climate change; a psa gets revised when martial law subliminals are revealed by alt media; and the 3D printing revolution continues to advance. 421 more words


AARP Puts on commercial with subliminal message about Martial Law

This from Paul Joseph Watson and the team at Infowars.com

Recently AARP put out this public service announcement with the tv noise coming from the background. 171 more words

Police State

What Were They Thinking?

What does this image say to you?

I posted this photo on Instagram and felt compelled to share it here, because I’m curious about what you have to say? 124 more words


Subliminal messages: Good or bad?

I was scanning the racks to pick a shampoo bottle in my neighbourhood departmental store, a couple of posters caught my attention. It said ‘I am honest’ and ‘I am not a thief’ in one of the Indian languages, Tamil. 976 more words


Broadcasting is not what it used to be

It used to be that people used to trust News Reporters. Every Evening people would turn on the news to watch Walter Cronkite because they trusted that he would report the news, as it was with no slant. 265 more words

Subliminal Messages