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We're Being Played

Our emotions are manipulated by persuasion & propaganda

By Chris Martenson | PeakProsperity.com

The explosion of emotions triggered by the recent presidential election caught many off guard. 2,193 more words


Relaxing Music?

Researchers say you should listen to this song if you need to relax

Everyone loves a good tune, but music can also be a powerful way to fight stress and anxiety. 308 more words



Photographs of reality are concealed in vaults of eternity

We have been powerless to comprehend the proofs of Universe

It is a paradoxical situation as our explanations are inadequate… 95 more words


Treasonous Twerking Tranny Twats!

A recent e-mail to Gordon Duff – Senior Editor of “Veterans Today”:

Dear Gordon et al,

If you watch the TV advert video (as below) you will see that the illuminati gives us a clue as to who is really behind 9/11.  509 more words


[IDW] Set. Bait. Trap.

The trick in setting the perfect trap was to apply the correct bait. And a certain former lover cum secret assassin spy turned bar singer and occasional bartender had let it slip that Blurr could be easily enticed if one had the proper bait. 867 more words


Signs of the Time # 16

In the ’60s a philosophical political group, The Situationists, argued the subliminal messages designed to foster our consumerist desires, could be used and directed towards usurping that same commercial protocol and the political establishment it fostered and represented. 223 more words