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More Proof the CIA Tried to Use Subliminals to Brainwash America

This is a follow-up piece to a report we put up in August 2013. A little more background info lending to the fact that the 1960s national anthem subliminal “They Live” vid might in fact be a real experiment conducted as part of the CIA’s MKUltra mind control experiments running throughout the Cold War (and beyond). 137 more words

Pyschological Operations

More Proof the CIA Tried to Use Subliminals to Brainwash America

When you slow down the national anthem, it’s creepy enough by itself without the potential for added CIA subliminals telling us to obey the government. 144 more words


Changing the Gradual Timelines of Earth

This depiction (Title) has acquired means to a select few individual’s while partaking in higher grid activities, the composition of the fabric’s within these moments can and will have “abruptive” mean’s to contemplate on moment’s where the fabrication’s may have been condoned to higher teaching’s implementation’s “technology” While (acquirering) developments in structures abolishing the controversial feed’s in “comparative” consensus. 482 more words

Originating In 2014

The Amazon Way

Steven Pinker talks about how people communicate and being vague in the way they deliver a message. “When people are in a subordinate relationship (like a driver with police), they can’t sound as if they are presuming anything more than that, so any bribe must be veiled.” One of the leadership principles Amazon has is “Ownership”. 330 more words


Subliminal Communication Month

It was probably around 1983 that I turned to subliminal messaging audiotapes to help me stop smoking cigarettes. I had tried other techniques, including quitting “cold turkey”, but I couldn’t make it through longer than a few hours without a smoke.  940 more words

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