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Knotted Cord

I’m starting to pick up life’s little matrix glitches, like, coincidence, there is a word for such a thing so it must be real……..

Then again we have words for ghosts, magic, souls, however none can be proven, but still it means enough to be used and in context and by many people over a lot of time. 248 more words

The Reality of "Get Out"

Have you ever watched a movie and realized how some elements connect to reality? Well, because films, television shows and stories are inspired by real life, there usually is a message to dissect or underlying themes to decipher. 542 more words

Arts And Culture

Succession of a Dream


in the height of night

I found a dream

that suited

my desires

and I dove into it,

grabbing onto

the moving images,

partaking in the drama, 34 more words


Women Should Have Sex With Other Women To Have More Orgasms...

Hey lol…this is STILL Coming Out Crooked! And I’m just doing me ;)

So, I was perusing my FB page and all the newsfeeds in it, and a friend of mine had this posted on her wall. 924 more words

Random Shit

Saying "I m Successful " Doesn't make it So

Saying “I’m Successful” Doesn’t Make It So

By Michael G A Brown

The use of affirmations

It has been said that saying affirmations can help a person to find success in life, so are affirmations effective? 584 more words