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Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close

I am a worn, beat up box filled with puzzle pieces. Most of my life they didn’t fit together. The people around me kept taking them, bending them, altering them in any way possible. 154 more words




The first one is extremely obvious… is nothing sacred?  When I first noticed these years ago, I was so offended!  Angered!  You get my drift.  156 more words


No Spamming allowed and other rules


I appreciate the love I’m getting ever since I have started this blog. But I am noticing a trend. I am setting rules on how you would interact with my page. 191 more words




Well Im back again with another post. This time I am engaging on getting the face that I want. Now remember the old saying, stay around a person long enough you will start to look like them. 198 more words


The Ears & Eyes are windows to your Subconsciousness

In this particular section, I would be introducing my progress of the so called impossible feat of changing my eye color and other attributes. I love contacts but I have the worst time in putting them in. 644 more words


My Journey to green eyes, Week 2

Now, if you have read my previous entries, you would have known what undertaking I am doing to get to this journey. Now the cover art for this blog post is not my inspiration. 84 more words


Mind of the Wonderful

Wonderful Mind from CJ Engelbrecht on Vimeo.

‘Nature by the Numbers’ featuring Fibonacci, Phi, and Golden Ratio in a confluence of universal wisdom, present sense, and mutual conscious relevance