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Corridors of My Mind

In my mind I’m a fighter, through my heart, I’m a writer. Let me take you to the corridors of my mind — through the twisting, twirling, corresponding hallways in my thoughts. 436 more words

It’s a Reality

Time breaks down into numerous bright stars

Magical transformation decorates the velvety darkness

Details are revealed through celestial eyes 

It’s an extravagant symphony that reverberates… 53 more words


From Voices

Brooding voices pull the soul down from summit of silence

A journey that drifts towards nonduality in another consciousness

Away from a careless world constructing an unstable reality… 28 more words


subliminal programming


Generate pain or pressure in area of body later: Mark area of body in subconscious with pressure/pain suggestion + retrieval cue, by “wicking” body area with high frequency waves directed at body area.

27 more words

Deep Reality

Gyrations of an illusion unexpectedly births transient reality

Flashes of illuminations overexposes the eyes to alternate dreams

There are no easy explanations for lifelong animosity with physical world… 35 more words


Subliminal Wealth Authority – How To Turn Yours…

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Purposeful Dream

Sleep hasn’t aged; blessed by eternity

When a soul wishes to dream in peaceful environ

An adventure of deeply conscious soul

Summoned by the mystical voices in eager tone… 30 more words