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Day 13

It was certainly an interesting day. I felt more submissive than usual, but I also felt argumentative, almost like my general headstrong self is fighting the new subliminal thoughts being absorbed. 95 more words

My Reckless Mind

I’m shackled to a memory, a thought, a desire

a never ending spiral of emotion, cruel and lovely. 128 more words


Day 4

So, today is day 4 of my little experiment.

Today started out kind of as expected. I was pretty horny when I awoke – and according to my husband, I was horny during my sleep. 226 more words

The First 3 Days

My first set of business was to find some subliminal recordings that I could play that would have the messages I was looking to implant. Sure enough, on a site called WarpMyMind.com, I found a plethora of recordings at my disposal. 460 more words

inner / hegemony

it is the spent
of favour

that I anchor
to effort

subliminally to render line

all my inner

————w(O)rmholes________________________________|—– 141 more words

Alladem Poems

The Beginning is Ambiguous

When exactly we start dealing with aspirations, without even realising the spelling of this word is a mystery; apart from that, the immaturity we have about its origin and exploits in context of society and ongoing communication. 622 more words


The Fortunate Ones

“He moved to LA by himself. Isn’t that crazy!”

Nope, he’d been fortunate enough to not get caught in the whelm of teenage angst. 298 more words