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Hidden In Plain Sight

Far from being an attention test, this new advertisement from ŠKODA provides a clever confession about marketing and how desire distracts us from reality, realities like the adverse effect of consumerism on our planet. 115 more words


S1: Talking Horses and Other Such Nonsense

When I first heard about this assignment, I was kind of terrified because I don’t watch TV.  Much less reality TV.  I’ve been thinking/ worrying about this all week, when suddenly BOOM it’s Tuesday night and I have an idea.   803 more words



I want the lines of your palms
Written in my diary
My future lives
As though they were already past
My days numbered
My deeds counted… 36 more words


S: Brilliance or Insanity? (Probably Insanity)

For this lovely sandbox assignment, we were to write about some one’s reaction to our completed novel project.  For the sake of the assignment, I decided to be extraordinarily arrogant and assume my book would be published, become popular, and that you will react exactly how I want you to. 661 more words


6 Logos with hidden meanings

As the adage goes … the devil is in details, this especially applies in the case of the following logos where clever use of negative space, shapes and type manipulation create simple yet intricate logos. 215 more words


Subliminal V.D.

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If you’re skimming it on your WordPress reader,
—- it’s gonna make as much sense as a Philosophizing Parrot on Percodan. 540 more words

∞ Advertising industry and my fMRI scan

I participated in a study in April of 2014 where I was shown a bunch of advertisements while I was laying inside a fMRI-machine. In addition to getting my cabbage photographed I was done a behavioral study on where I expressed my opinion on how the whole “study” was a bunch of bullshit. 181 more words