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Rolling Blocks [The Full Very Short Story]

“If it weren’t meant to be the way it is, then it must be funny” – J. Joes


I owe Doctor Ling from downtown twenty-thousand Rands in cash, as he’d suggested. 3,614 more words


Three Day Quote Challenge-Day 3

Quotes are like mini books. A few lines convey lot of information and sometimes it is very profound.

DAY 3 QUOTE : 504 more words


Behind the music - Justin Bieber

Behind the music – Justin Bieber

Dear brothers and sisters,

In this blog I will discuss Justin Bieber as he is currently the most successful artist in the world. 412 more words


January 15th, 2016

“A life is not important except in the impact it has on other lives.”
Jackie Robinson


Stress and Anxiety - What to do?

Shakiness, heart rate increasing, dry mouth, tunnel vision. Any of these sound familiar? Pretty much everyone has experienced anxiety every now and then. Anxiety is a natural physiological “fight or flight” response that allows a person to act quickly in times of crisis. 850 more words

How Is Meditation Good for You?

Meditation is a practice that has its roots deeply embedded strongly in human civilization. Its origins are unknown, but it has existed before recorded history and has been promoted over time as chants, or breathing exercises, that were both rhythmic and repetitious in prehistoric religions. 457 more words

Subliminal By Leonard Mlodinow

Subliminal, How Your Unconscious Mind Rules Your Behavior, by Leonard Mlodinow is a fabulous exploration of our subconscious mind and how it drives us. Amazingly, a lot of people are quick to dismiss the power of suggestions and hidden messages because they don’t understand that our brains process information even when we aren’t consciously aware. 426 more words

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