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Analyzing the movie "Lucy"

The movie that I will be analyzing is “Lucy” written and directed by Luc Besson. The movie was released in theaters in 2014 and did very well. 365 more words


Which Is Better - Hypnosis Or Subliminal Audio?

Which Is Better – Hypnosis Or Subliminal Audio?

Hypnosis is well recognized as a quite traditional form of personal development, but it is under “assault” from an increasingly popular and easy to use method of personal development: subliminal messaging… 414 more words

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Lupe Fiasco - "Madonna" | Film Still

Lupe Fiasco’s album Tetsuo & Youth took hip-hop culture by storm when it was released as one of the first major albums in 2015. Critics and fans praised Lupe’s colorful and creative rhymes, the instrumentals that backed them, and the conceptual-feature of the album: starting with summer, Tetsuo cycled through through the seasons with Lupe exploring different themes with each one. 222 more words

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When it altered

When it altered

The picture had turned to shadows.
The shadows had turned,
the shadows had burned,
into a mind that the shadows had earned. 88 more words


S3-- Auroran Learning Institute

When I read what this week’s Sandbox was, I actually started laughing.  We were supposed to create a flyer advertising the setting in our novella, which is a little strange for my novella since it’s in a dystopian setting.   11 more words


How Exactly To Stop Personal Sabotage Inside's Songs

With the conclusion of the season, getaway anxiety, and economic pendulum swings, it’s very easy to self-sabotage. Data prove that interior stress is key element in self-sabotage. 505 more words


IMPORTANT: About my novel project

Because I am the most paranoid and arrogant person in the world, I think that everyone wants to steal my novel or something of that sort.   51 more words

Novel Project