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Unspeak is an interactive web-based documentary by Submarine Channel, based on the similarly named book by British Journalist, Steven Poole. Aiming to expose the manipulative power of language within our current media landscape, this project deconstructs the meaning behind familiar media terms to educate and inform the public on the deceptive nature of “unspeak” across political debate and public rhetoric. 2,098 more words

Video of a turbidity current!!

This is the coolest thing I have seen in a long time – thanks to Dave Petley for the link.  This event occurred in Cabo San Lucas, on the southern tip of the Baja California peninsula in Mexico.   249 more words


Submarine slide captured off Gabon in 2005

“Submarine slide initiation and evolution offshore Pointe Odden, Gabon — Analysis from annual bathymetric data 2004–2009”.

Check out this paper from the coast of Gabon, where the authors use repeat multibeam surveys to capture a large-scale slope failure very near the coast.  57 more words


Climbing-ripple successions in turbidite systems: depositional environments, sedimentation rates and accumulation times

Wow, that is a title right there! The third and final paper (PDF) of my thesis is finally published – I submitted this paper in 2010, and it was published online in the fall of 2011. 502 more words


The Art of Pho

The Art of Pho is a surreal graphic novel by British illustrator and animator, Julian Hanshaw. It follows the life of Little Blue as he learns how to master the national art of making Pho in Ho Chi Minh. 19 more words


New Zealand turbidite field trip - Day 5: Climbing ripples!!

Today went to see an outcrop where I actually worked when doing my PhD – no time to do a full post, now but check out this picture of a nice bed with linear marks at in the center of the photo from where I measured the angle of climb on the ripples.   12 more words


New Zealand turbidite field trip - Day 4: Mass transport deposits

Holy cow.  It just keeps getting better.  I can honestly say that my mind was blown today.  We saw some mass transport deposits (MTDs) that are truly seismic in scale!   182 more words