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Big Uncle Sloane runs a class up at Blairgowrie’s Evolved Training (Andrew Usher’s place) every Tuesday and Friday. This burly technical wizard bands together with a group of like-minded people… 483 more words


Leg Kick Counter with Take Down and Toe Hold: Training Journal 5/21/17

My friend Brandon Kiser shared this drill on his instagram a few weeks ago I thought it looked like fun so we trained it.

Catch Wrestling

Experience and Rule Breaking

I have worked as a mental health therapist for twelve years and have been doing jiujitsu for almost ten years.  So, I have a decent amount of experience in both endeavors.   320 more words

Tanko Submission Championships - 14th May

The 14th May saw the hosting of the first Tanko Submission Championships at Manchester Victoria Warehouse. Now I don’t often blog news type reports or event reviews but as this this is a first for the UK Grappling scene (the event was aired live on Sky TV and Freeview through the Fight TV network), it was in my home town (Manchester) and because I had several friends and acquaintances on the card I simply had to attend and write a little piece for my readers! 1,254 more words


My Birthday Party.

For years, I’ve been telling myself that turning 30 wasn’t going to hurt. Turns out I was wrong, DAMN WRONG. Nothing’s changed mentally (helped by the fact I’ve been a cantankerous prick since I was about thirteen). 613 more words


Cyclical Drills.

S’up y’all, I haven’t penned anything in a while because my quill has been out of ink. It’s only now that I’ve stored up enough blood of my fallen brethren to scrawl together this literary masterpiece*. 523 more words