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Deload with the weights this week

1)Bench press- 50kg x5, 60kg x5, 70kg x5
2)Chins- bw 2×6 + rear delt flys- 2×20
3)db arnold press- 12.5kg x12,10 + db bent rows- 12.5kg x15,12… 115 more words



1) Bench press- test 85kg x13 (working max up 5kg to 111kg)

2) N db bench- 25kg x12, 30kg x12, 32.5kg 2×12

3) fat bar bw rows- 4×12 + db upright rows- 15kg 2×10, 10kg 2×12… 370 more words



1)Bench press- 77.5kg x7,7,7,9

2)N flat db bench- 30kg x15, 14

3) bw rows with fat bar- 3×12 + band face pulls 3×12

4) cable bicep and tricep 2x max… 185 more words

My Amateur MMA Journey, Part 6: Last Days at Lakay

Check out Gina Iniong of Team Lakay in red: that is one fierce striker! Fighting goals.

And it is settled: I’m going to need tiny braids or cornrows if I want to be an MMA fighter. 1,588 more words