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Summoned to the Dean's Office | Part 1 of 2

Nothing struck fear in women students like getting summoned to appear before the Women’s Dean or her assistant. As noted in yesterday’s post, ‘with only a few exceptions’ I got through Bible college without getting into trouble. 667 more words

Spiritual Formation

Good Girl goes to Bible College, 1960

It’s September 1960. I’m 16 years old and 150 miles from home. I’ve just arrived for my first year of college. My orientation packet includes a student handbook and a handbook for women only. 654 more words

Spiritual Formation

Will You Be Invited Back to the Table?

My friend David was in one of those meetings where the stakes are high.  There were multiple levels of management from both sides of the table (the property owner and the facility management company).  159 more words


Is America Lost?

Only 7% of Americans approve of the job that Congress is doing these days.  And for good reason.  The country is in a mess because of their ridiculous spending habits and only catering to personal careers and special interest groups. 144 more words


Do You Expect Explanations?

A friend of mine ran into some difficulty while he was working on a project.  Basically, the situation was that all his work was being thrown away and he was having to start over.  93 more words


Do You Feel Like a Plumber?

I had a great laugh this weekend when Jimmy shared these requirements for being a great plumber.  He said “You have to remember that:


Who Has Permission to Veto?

My boss and I have a great relationship…and we use the following understanding when it comes to people asking favors of our organization.