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An Appendix To A Confession Of Faith- Appendix Point 22

22. As Christ doth not teach, nor allow that we should be without natural affection, or unsociable; (see Rom. 1:31.) so our being made partakers of Christ, doth not discharge us from the duties of our relations. 148 more words


What is unsanctioned domination?

Everyday, we each make decisions about who or what we will submit to, even if that decision is made by default, yielding or deferring. There is no such thing as living a life free of submitting to someone; even the most rebellious of men submit to someone. 1,908 more words

My Rebel Heart

It’s not easy to admit your faults. I think that most of the time we live our lives (unconsciously or otherwise) trying to avoid taking a long and hard look at ourselves, warts and all. 739 more words


Respect Your Professors!

It’s the norm on university grounds to disrespect authorities, especially when it comes to professors. I mean at times there are just those professors who are so impolite, inconsiderate, and indecent that they don’t even merit an atom of our respect. 27 more words

Sisters' Corner

Huh? You Want Me To What?!

This past week has been a busy week for me. I moved back into my college dorm a week early to help the new freshman class move in and feel welcome. 1,055 more words