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We Place Ourselves Under The Bible


Big Words

From the genetic to the apocalyptic, whether allegorical or apologetic, poetic or prosaic, decalogical or doxological, hyperbolical or historical, evangelical or epistological, from the exodus to the exile, the consistent view of theologians which drives our piety, expository hermeneutics, and doctrinal declarations (from justification to sanctification to redemption to regeneration to sacramental to soteriological and more) has been the belief in the transcendent inerrancy and verbal plenary inspiration of the original autographs in the canon of scriptures. 4,330 more words



The theme of the story Antigone is which is more important, the law or what you know is right? The law is more important because in the bible God says to submit and obey authority. 329 more words

Romans 13 Reading Through the NT 2015

Romans 13 is the passage to read today.

Paul was writing to believers at the heart of the Roman Empire. Christianity was still considered a Jewish sect and approved by Rome. 593 more words

Changing Lanes

There used to be a crosswalk near a park in South Pasadena that generated a lot of income for the city. A few days a week a patrol car would be parked nearby, and one of the local cops, dressed as a civilian, would stand on the curb, and as a likely looking car slowed for the crosswalk, and the driver looked each way to see if anyone was about to cross the street, that cop would just stand there – and as the car moved on, he’d simply put one foot in the street at the very last moment. 3,643 more words

Black Lives Matter