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Private Time...

I’ve found that when I’m feeling good and most things are going good in my life I tend to masturbate every day. I am a strong believer that an orgasm day makes everything go away 😊 I like to mix it up and don’t masturbate in the same position or doing the same things…I like variety. 630 more words


Table for One

By rlmcooper

As usual, my back is to the restaurant’s kitchen door, a lone diner always parked in some out-of-the-way location as though I might, if seated amongst them, infect the other patrons with the “friendless” virus. 63 more words


Assignment one: submission

I’ve outlined my first impressions of the brief, and my initial response, in the ‘Planning and research’ posts: Planning for the first assignment. My aim was to visit places which used to be familiar to me, and to try to communicate the fact that I was a visitor, and that these places were now distant from me emotionally, despite being near geographically. 730 more words


I Stir with Desire

She stirs behind the curtain I have yet to pull back. She’ll have to keep waiting because I will not let her out until it is safe to do so. 325 more words


The truth hurts

Hey there,

Just thought I’d share a little of what’s been on my heart lately.

In a word, I’d say that God has been speaking to me about submission. 1,168 more words

Attacking Decency

It is with increasing horror that I read or listen to the news. All things that share in my love of life, all that the forces of government are supposed to be supporting, making safer, purer, are being vanquished, sold, demolished by those who make the rules. 530 more words

Interdependence Of All Life