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The Importance of Charity in Marriage

We all have dreams. We all have certain desires that we want to see unfold in our lives. Sometimes in a marriage, the couple has the same dreams and desires, sometimes they don’t. 610 more words



I remember our first argument like it was yesterday. It was centered around this same sentiment ‘Respect ‘. On many occasions I felt disrespected and granted as a new submissive I was unsure of many things and I had no idea why Master felt the need to always put me in my place. 52 more words

A Time For Everything Part 1

To the person, this is loosely based on. Thank you for everything you did for me then and everything you do for me now. But today specifically, thank you for being my first toppy experience. 1,926 more words


The Woman's Might

By Rhodenia B. Cunanan

With lesser strength a “she” was made,
The weaker one how she’s perceived
And yet by her fragility men were raised… 85 more words



After a torrid affair with spanking, I’m laying low today. {well until Master says otherwise} Sadistic beast that he his. 😊

He meant to leave his mark on my body for a few days…