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A Dom's sub word summary

Allow me to make one thing perfectly clear, there is nothing sub-standard about my sub.

There is no subjugation, no force of arms; she is strong-willed, intelligent, and willingly… 194 more words


Pirate Queen of the Crimson Coast

By Ryan Stone

“Surrender?” he begged.

Aisha gazed down her rapier at Admiral Benpassa. When last they’d met, he was raping her mother, the Queen. Aisha escaped the horror that followed; fleeing her father’s fallen kingdom to be reborn as a pirate. 63 more words


5 things the bible says about choosing a mate


So you have met someone and even though the butterflies are there, excitement and love is in the air, you want to make sure that this is the person God is calling you to marry. 703 more words


An absolutely perfect depiction

I found this today in a tumblr feed.  It is the closest depiction of how I feel that I have ever seen.  The original post can be found here:  … 7 more words


Submission for YCN

Just a few photos showing my submission process for the YCN Competition Brief:

Project 4

Guys, when your #bdsm fantasy becomes a reality, do you freak out?

What will you do when one day your partner wants you to dominate her? She knows you have a fantasy for #bdsm and now she wants you to make your move. 674 more words