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jumping in with both feet

Welcome to my new blog. Please leave lots of comments and suggestions. I will be chronicling my husband and my journey as we embark on a Domestic Discipline based marriage. 1,232 more words


Knight - Kristen Ashley

5 Stars! 6 Stars, Actually.  Maybe 10?

I closed my eyes tight then opened them and asked softly, “You love me?”

“Baby, you were made for me.”  Oh God. 333 more words

reincarnation (#staybravebebold)

This is for the people who did it all wrong

I promise neither answers nor swan songs

But I guarantee you’re not alone

This is from a place from darkness… 94 more words


#18 ~ Anticipation

Sometimes, being unfulfilled is the engine which drives my submission.
Being kept on the edge of the precipice….

“Not yet, kitten….”

The ache in the loins, touch forbidden, words wrapping like tendrils of torture around rich fantasy designed to tantalise, but not sate. 98 more words


Lesson #3: Submission to God in all Things

God is in control, God is all powerful, God is creator of all things, God is all knowing, and God does not make mistakes. We are so independent and so self-involved that it is hard to see where we stand with God. 941 more words


Submissions with Harry's Salvo's soup in Woolloomooloo.

Did you know that there are lists of both good and bad publishers? No matter what transcribes in the world of books and publishers you can find all about it on ‘google.’ I seem to have submitted a 300 word synopsis to a publisher who is on both lists. 513 more words

Gerard Oosterman

What Happened Next

I woke up the next morning missing Sir like crazy. I wanted nothing more than to return to the hotel room—to that magical place where He seems capable of closing out the rest of the world. 808 more words