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Boasting About Tomorrow

Here are my thoughts on James 4:13-17.

Summary: James begins by provoking his readers to think, as they are confident of their own wisdom and hard work in their undertakings – without the blessing and permission of providence. 373 more words


Are You My Master?

Sir and I have had many conversations about the evolution of our D/s over time, as we have been doing this for a while now.  We go through contract revisions around once every three months; this is our time to add or change anything in the contract.   643 more words


Encaustic Plans

Too Much time to think can be either a blessing, or a curse. Please…help Me finish the encaustic portrait My mind has conjured.

Drool line slowly falling from your gagged mouth onto your breasts. 31 more words



By Daria Angelova

“Go on then, have a bite,” said the Serpent.

Eve looked down at the fruit. Contrary to the popular paintings, it was a tangerine. 77 more words


Books for Trade. Sylvestre de Ruan: Spanked in bed. with, Marie Gwynn: The Whippers a strange document of flagellation. Privately Printed n.d. (1925?)

A very curious volume, two titles bound in one, but originally I believe separate books, this is supported by the fact that both are printed on good quality watermarked paper, but with different watermarks, for “Spanked in Bed”the paper is watermarked ” Mopaco Text” and for “The Whippers” the watermark is “COVENTRY BOOK”. 267 more words


Submission Leads to Favour

Obedience is one of the things that is generally hated by almost all of us, particularly when it is us having to do the obeying. There is something in the human soul that values pride, independence and the right to live our lives the way we see fit. 533 more words