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Confessions of a Bad Man

People of the jury, please know I never intended to be a bad man. A mad man maybe – a little eccentric. But never truly bad in the most unvarnished sense of the term. 1,756 more words


Wish Washing

Spraying the window and

washing the dirt away,

How satisfying. Watching the

water trickling down,

I think of the path I used to walk

When I was a child. 85 more words



So, it’s finally arrived, the day that seemed at first infinitely far in the future, and in the last year crashingly close every day. Yesterday, I submitted my PhD thesis.   699 more words


waiting in the passport office

The sun ruptures through pregnant clouds which appear like pockets of smoke

The bones of a tree rattle as the tireless wind shakes its spine… 183 more words



​As I begin preparing to return home, I cannot help but think of the manner in which my Mistress will utilize me and violate me. I know that being pegged, and being at Her mercy as she violates me are in my immediate future, because She has told me so. 169 more words



My Master gave me an order last night to find a video that had both an impressive outfit and some impressive fucking and share it with him (and you all.) If the video impressed him more than the image he had in mind, I’d get a reward. 158 more words


05 Judah Invaded

By John Thiel, Lessons from the Life of Nebuchadnezzar Conference, mp3

We are now focusing upon the invasion of Judah by Nebuchadnezzar. We are often ignorant as to the details of this subject, therefore we will look at the detail of this invasion for one important purpose: to learn the character of this king, so that in our continuing studies we may be able to see what sort of a character he had and what the Lord was doing to operate in his life, and so that we may have an object lesson for dealing with our own character. 5,694 more words

Nebuchadnezzar Life Lessons