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Mikeyy Austin Drops "Rock Steady" With Midwest Heavy Hitters Packy, James Gardin & Phourthelov

Mikeyy Austin has had a hell of a year propelled by his well-received  “L I F T E D” LP. Tons of blogs picked it up ( 114 more words

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Chicago's Finest M.Whise Drops His Best Work Yet In Surprise​ EP "Shogun"

M.Whise has quietly become a mainstay in Chicago’s hip hop scene. He’s been all over flowsfordays, and continues to contribute to the gritty underground scene in the city. 181 more words

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Deadline is tonight at midnight ...

The Deadline for submissions on the theme of MONSTERS is tonight, at midnight.

Please ensure you read the guidelines at Submissions before submitting your work.

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What an editor looks for and why

This should really be called what a commercial editor looks for, as that’s what I’m talking about here! As part of my day job as a fiction editor, I need to commission a certain amount of titles per year to make sure that our division of the company makes money. 1,271 more words


1d Documentation of a prototype

In our group, we developed idea of ‘Open Book’ System while concentrated on a privacy in 2050, but at the same time giving opportunity to meet new people. 395 more words


1c Primary Reaseach_Interview

For my research, I wanted to get an insight on how the new couple meet and what process they go through in order to start a relationship. 463 more words


1b Positioning

Future seems so far yet so near, where the new possibilities keep opening new possible future in every aspect of our life. Few years ago, we didn’t know much about technology, which have now become so much more accessible and readily used. 495 more words