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In a Funk

Yeesh. 500 words or less is REALLY hard for me.  A discipline I must really put my mind to.

Life continues to go careening forward full tilt as we proceed with our move.  838 more words

Husbands And Wives

In the Crazy Moments

Life has been insane.  It doesn’t seem possible, but I’ve actually been too busy to write.  That hardly ever happens.  And, lack of writing time sort of unbalances me. 750 more words

Husbands And Wives

The Strong-Willed Woman

Submission: Yielding my will to another.  I’m to be submissive to God AND my husband.

The struggle of wifely submission for a Strong-Willed woman is very real. 1,327 more words

Husbands And Wives

Trying Hard to Submit

A few months after I began this blog, SJ asked for the web address so he could read it.  I had already posted Our Story, and written a good half-dozen posts. 1,115 more words

Husbands And Wives

vacation, google, random info

For the third year in a row, we shall go to the beach!
For the first year of those three, Sir and I will go alone – we will not be meeting anyone there. 391 more words

Married D/s

Regal Relationship Reminders

Regal Relationship Reminders…from “A Couple of Conversations”- A blog to connect with you.

1. It feels good to give. Blessings and rewards are in it! Sometimes, you do it because you feel good about it. 308 more words

thinking [wet] thursday

I have a problem.
In my pants.
A pants problem.
Not a new problem.
Pants problems are frequent.
Today, though…
I’m plugged.
I am uncomfortably wet. 18 more words

Thinking Thursday