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the nature of consent

two nights ago it was sunday night. we had missed our usual weekend sex-capade nights of friday and saturday. i knew he would want sex on sunday night, but i was so tired and had a big day at work the next day, that when we got to bed at 11pm, i just assumed we wouldn’t have sex, and mentioned as much to him. 516 more words

being put in my place

recently Master told me he wanted me to play ‘top’ him for an evening, which is something he likes from time to time. it’s not full bdsm style, just, tie him up and tease him sexually until i release him and he devours me! 536 more words

The Submissive Wife

Yesterday on TLC I watched a show called “The Submissive Wives Guide to Marriage”. I was originally going to write a short status about it, but as it very quickly got quite long, I figured a blog post would be more appropriate. 743 more words


Fantasy room

So I have this little fantasy idea of a room dedicated solely to storing a little slave wife until the next time she’s needed. It’s a little sex room, to train and condition her and keep her in a constant state of readiness. 470 more words

if you wake me up ...

… with a hand on my throat choking me and another hand trying to rip my nipple off, i may struggle for a moment but then i will remember my place, i will relax into your grip and put my life in your hands. 230 more words

just between you and me and the rest of the world

I love the way you touch my hair at church. It makes me feel so connected to you, makes the service an intimate spiritual event that we share in public view. 600 more words


What a Difference an Hour Makes

So Sir had been gone on another business trip. This one was a little less than a week but He went to China so there wasn’t a lot of communication since the time difference makes that difficult. 514 more words