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I want you waiting for me on the bed, naked, when I get out of the shower.

Yes, Sir.

Some days, I wait for Him in humble, other days bent over the bed, or kneeling , or sitting in some silly, cheeky pose. 286 more words

Married D/s

propositioning in a very subtle way

husband returned home last night at 1:30am. i was totally asleep. he crept into bed for some quick hugs and kisses good night with me. he discovered the butt plug on his pillow. 479 more words


he’s still not home yet! i’m lying in bed …

… thinking about rules. rules come and go in our relationship, and recently we’ve been VERY lax. 337 more words

The Dirty "S" Word

I’ve talked before about submission, and I get a lot of eyebrow raises about wanting to pursue a biblically submissive marriage. Even more so, Jason gets a lot of accusations in the laundry list of silent questions some have. 735 more words

Open Tabs

Ladies, If You Think You're A Submissive Wife, Then You're Going To Be Domestically Abused. Here's Why.

On Sunday night, I met my couch with excitement. I had a glass of wine in hand, and I was looking forward to unwinding from a long weekend. 1,307 more words

the nature of consent

two nights ago it was sunday night. we had missed our usual weekend sex-capade nights of friday and saturday. i knew he would want sex on sunday night, but i was so tired and had a big day at work the next day, that when we got to bed at 11pm, i just assumed we wouldn’t have sex, and mentioned as much to him. 516 more words

being put in my place

recently Master told me he wanted me to play ‘top’ him for an evening, which is something he likes from time to time. it’s not full bdsm style, just, tie him up and tease him sexually until i release him and he devours me! 536 more words