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Thoughts for today

I really can’t believe I am feeling this. Sir and I have been together for a long time. He is really the only sexual partner I have ever had. 295 more words

Submissive Wife

obedience. still and always.

it changes over time, doesn’t it. obedience looks like adoration and love one night, and the next night it’s a churlish agreement to go to bed early even though the last thing i want to do is be fucked. 471 more words

It's gonna be a long week...

It’s that time of the month and Sir doesn’t really like sex during this week. Of course my body is still buzzing and longing for Him. 126 more words

Submissive Wife

Sir has given me His collar

Last night was very special. Sir took me shopping and bought me a very slutty teddy. I knew He had something planned for the night but I had no idea what it was. 219 more words

Submissive Wife

Sir gives me my name

He had been slowly torturing me for hours. “I love to be inside your cunt,” He whispered in my ear. It instantly made me wetter. He had only allowed me one orgasm in all that time and I was feeling very frustrated. 232 more words

Submissive Wife

Lingerie Night

*tonight I want lingerie*
We had been texting all day. Talking about what He wanted to do to me and for me. The last text threw me. 954 more words

Submissive Wife

And So It Begins

He surprised me with a trip out of town for Valentine’s Day weekend. We arrived at the hotel late Friday night. After the long drive we were both tired and decided to go to sleep. 1,059 more words

Submissive Wife