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thinking [tears] thursday

I have cried rivers and lakes and oceans of tears.

I have cried planets worth of tears…

The tears of sadness, disbelief, frustration, anger.

The tears of giving up. 198 more words

Married D/s

Red Herrings and Real McCoys

I am a reader.   I read several different books at a time and contemplate the things I read.  Currently I am reading Surrendered Wife- Chapter 22: The Red Herring. 1,109 more words


Who's the Boss?

“As the man, I am in charge. YEAH!! My wife must listen to me!”

Have you ever heard this said, or had the thought of saying it yourself?  566 more words

Husband As Spiritual Leader


I want you waiting for me on the bed, naked, when I get out of the shower.

Yes, Sir.

Some days, I wait for Him in humble, other days bent over the bed, or kneeling , or sitting in some silly, cheeky pose. 286 more words

Married D/s

propositioning in a very subtle way

husband returned home last night at 1:30am. i was totally asleep. he crept into bed for some quick hugs and kisses good night with me. he discovered the butt plug on his pillow. 479 more words


he’s still not home yet! i’m lying in bed …

… thinking about rules. rules come and go in our relationship, and recently we’ve been VERY lax. 337 more words

The Dirty "S" Word

I’ve talked before about submission, and I get a lot of eyebrow raises about wanting to pursue a biblically submissive marriage. Even more so, Jason gets a lot of accusations in the laundry list of silent questions some have. 735 more words

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