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Photo Shoot

I know I’m not everyone’s definition of sexy and beautiful, but I am the most beautiful and sexiest woman to my girlfriend and she makes me feel amazing in my body and is helping me feel more confident in it every day. 28 more words


My Offering

Meet me beneath a shade tree
Your eyes alight with primal desire
Once you’re there and close to me
Feel the flames of the smoldering fire… 48 more words


A short post

I’ve been wanting to get back to blogging for awhile now, but I don’t have much to say. Real life has taken up a lot of time lately. 134 more words


Just a Sucker With No Self Esteem

It’s possible this embodies my relationships with Meredith and Sydney. My inability to stop them is obvious even to me. A weakness.

Late at night, she knocks on my door… 350 more words


Maintaining the dynamic, when I'm taking charge.

What?!?!? I’m taking charge you say, what’s that all about? *chuckle*

I’ve said before, I’m a pretty ‘dominant’ character. I have an assertive personality and there are some things that I really am better at than the Bear. 664 more words


Untitled Erotica

It’s somewhere between a wheeze and a squeak, this delicious sound. It comes rushing out of her lips as his slides his cock into her. 730 more words


Master's Little One

He’s sitting there, in his own world, flicking between screens. He has his sexy concentration face plastered over his features. I stand in the doorway just gazing at him as he’s catching up on the weeks work, it’s busy period and he’s working to the grind again. 2,056 more words