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Thoughts on Writing - Subplots and End Scenes

Isaac has finished writing the rough draft of Trials of Blood and Steel, and I’m about half-way through editing his draft (with plans to go back at the halfway point and start polishing, that way we can start releasing episodes), so Isaac is now working on the little segments that go at the end of each episode. 779 more words

Stephanie Flint

Overgrown Fleece--I Mean Plots

So last week there was this gem of a BBC article about a sheep who was in danger of death from his overgrown fleece. Apparently, he’d escaped in Australia and his fleece had grown so much that he might not survive much longer without a shearing. 203 more words


Analyzing Subplots

Still working on making sense of the hot mess that is the first book of my Dagger Trilogy. One of the book’s major problems was that I had a lot of different goals and objectives, and they all kind of got tangled together. 451 more words


36 Plots and Mad Max

My husband and I watch a lot of action and superhero movies. Did I mention that he’s 10? A suggestion that we watch something with an actual plot earns the “Really? 948 more words

The Adventure Of Writing

Thoughts On Writing - Using Subplots To Tie Everything Together

Last time I blogged, I talked about figuring out what happens next in a scene. That process helped me out considerably with the scene I was working on, along with a few scenes before that. 1,032 more words


Lesson 2 - Plots and Subplots - How To Be A Good Writer

I know I promised to blog the link to each chapter of my book ‘Writing Tips 101: How To Be A Good Writer’ but I actually forgot. 65 more words


And Suddenly It Hits Me...

So there I am, plugging away at my new book, The Throne (No. 9 in the Bell Mountain series), without the foggiest idea how the story’s going to end.  244 more words

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