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Subplots and What to do With Them

Subplots are secondary issues or conflicts that the characters in your story have to deal with. All stories have a main conflict; in Star Wars they have to defeat the Empire, in Harry Potter they have to defeat Voldemort, in Hansel and Gretel, they have to defeat the witch. 789 more words


Everybody has a story to tell?

We are about to send out the manuscript. I am more excited than I was 25 years ago when the local newspaper printed my first reports on 11th division football matches and family parties in the community mall. 148 more words

NaNo WriMo: 7 Steps to a Detailed Outline

Outlines are, without a doubt, the sexiest things on the planet. Google a good outline and compare it to your favorite Kardashian. It doesn’t stand a chance. 956 more words

The Supporting Cast

I finally have the first draft of my new novel in. Hurray! Now I can get back to regular blogging. This week I’m discussing a story’s supporting cast with friend and writing mentor Sydney Smith. 830 more words