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Are You Content with Your Content?

Nobody commented on my last article, but I’m still going to address editing for content, because it is a profoundly important skill to have and the earlier you start developing it the better. 886 more words


The Essence of a Book

Originally posted on October 6, 2010

Ever notice that each well-written book has one quote or an instance of narrative inside it that embodies the essence of that book? 414 more words


L'espirit d'escalier

L’espirit d’escalier: A conversational remark or rejoinder that only occurs to someone after the opportunity to make it has passed. Also known as l‘espirit de l’escalier…

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The Fractal Nature of Stories

Jean Houston, in her memoir A Mythic Life, states that every living organism is made up of fractals, that is, “repetitions of the same general patterns, at both ascending and descending scales,” such as a tree whose pattern appears in small and large branches, twigs, and a single leaf. 140 more words


What I learnt from Cinderella films

Please don’t put too many subplots as it weaken the main plot and can confuse.

Films that are guilty of this:

Cinderella 2011 mini series. ( 167 more words

Old Work

Podcast 5

Podcast 5 is now live (dealing with a book’s dismal middle) and can be listened to here: