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Are Subplots Necessary?

A subplot is a mini-story woven into your main story. It could involve your main character having two things going on at the same time (such as finding love while solving a mystery) or it can involve secondary characters having their own issues. 326 more words


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I automatically include sub-plots when writing and inevitably, they are romance sub-plots. Is this just me or does anyone else find themselves doing this?

Critique of Plots

I was asked at writing group how I handled plot critique and if I made suggestions about the directions people’s stories should take.

Plots are a tricky one as this is the part based on your idea and therefore I never want to hijack anyone’s idea. 173 more words


Adding Complexity to Your Novel

When writers first get their idea for a novel, that idea ends up being the main plot. The main plot is extremely important because it’s what the novel is about. 296 more words


Satisfying the Need for the Death of a Villain

Sometimes, the villain needs to live.

Whether that be for a sequel, or for the tone of your story, it’s not always the best choice to just kill off the opposition. 646 more words


Intertwining Parallel Story-lines

I’ve been watching a lot of Hannibal lately, and there are many things that impress me about the show, but perhaps the most amazing thing I’ve noticed is how expertly show-runner Bryan Fuller and his team of writers intertwine and make parallel the issues concerning Will Graham, Hannibal, and the case of the week (COTW). 288 more words

Writing Tips

Letters to a Young Novelist by Mario Vargas Llosa

I wanted to write to the famous authors to ask them for advice on how to be a true blue writer. Will you continue to write if no one responds? 1,630 more words


5 Plot Points in a Novel

Recently I began a series of posts on the elements of writing craft. I listed 5 strategies with brief descriptions of each. My next series of blog posts will explore each of the 5 elements in greater detail. 748 more words

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