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Mr. Tracey is Falling in Love

Gilbert Tracey may be falling in love. Just a little bit. I’m not sure yet, and he himself remains entirely in the dark about his incipient crush on the young lady down the street. 718 more words


How To Write Subplots with Author Kristen Martin


How To Write Subplots + Sweek Stars Writing Contest

How do you write your subplots? Tell me in the comments!

Benjamin Thomas… 15 more words


Out of Mind & Onto Paper

8 Tips to Getting that Rough Draft Written Down 

I can’t believe it!

October is already coming to an end, Halloween practically over, and with November around the corner! 1,705 more words


Writing 101 | plot development

I’m not a professional writer by any means, but what I’ve noticed is this recent trend of awful characters doing awful things before slight redemption and an admission that they will always be awful. 456 more words


Subplots in matplotlib

In a previous post we learned how to use matplotlib’s gridspec to make subplots of unequal size. gridspec is quite powerful, but can be a little complicated to use. 546 more words


Task: improvements to the last few tasks

This week, we don’t have a specific task to do, so we’re going to continue to improve on the last three tasks we’ve been working on. 35 more words

Meetings And Tasks

Power through Act 2: Tricks and Tips for finishing your story.

Today we have a special treat, a guest post from award winning script writer and founder of WeFixYourScript.com, Geoffrey Calhoun. His advice applies to all writers milling about in the middle of their stories. 799 more words