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If I Die Before I Wake by Emily Koch - Book Review by Cari Mayhew

Book Review by Cari Mayhew

This book is part whodunit and part thriller– but not in equal measures.

The central character, Alex, wakes up to find he has been in a coma for over a year – but everyone still thinks he is in the coma – he cannot move a finger.  320 more words


46. Matplotlib: Creating a grid of subplots

This post is also available as a PDF and as a Jupyter Notebook.

There are various ways of creating subplots in Matplotlib.

Here we will use add_subplot to bring four plots together. 208 more words



So, going back to Bastille’s injury subplot, I call this subplot Ruska because it was inspired by Apocalyptica’s song “Ruska” (which in Finnish means “leaves turning colorful in autumn”?) 421 more words


How To Kill Your Darlings

My critique partners will be the first to tell you that at times I can be…long-winded. I am a person that overwrites my books, and I write really fast, which makes this bad habit even easier. 858 more words

Amateur Writing Tip: Subplots

There are multiple reasons why subplots can be just as important to a story as the main plot. For one subplots can give insights to the reader/viewer about the world, the characters, and certain events that happen throughout the plot of the story. 342 more words