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5 Plot Points in a Novel

Recently I began a series of posts on the elements of writing craft. I listed 5 strategies with brief descriptions of each. My next series of blog posts will explore each of the 5 elements in greater detail. 748 more words

Writing Tips

Steps to an Outline

A few weeks back somebody asked me to write about how I create outlines.  I sincerely apologize for forgetting who asked this and which post the comment was on.  422 more words

What a Tangled Web We Weave: Mapping Sub-plots

Last week I finished my first edit of my novel. It only took 3 months…just as long as it took to write the whole damn novel. 723 more words


Carefully Begin your Beginnings and End your Endings Else you'll Find yourself Drooling in a Corner

How do you envision ideas for your novels? Do you set in your favorite chair with pad and pencil in hand, writing down different plots until one strikes your fancy? 423 more words

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Sunday Sunday Sunday! #RoW80 Check-in

Well another week has passed. I think we are finally exiting this cold and moving back to normal life. The cough has lingered, but it’s not so bad anymore. 655 more words


Subplots - Autumning

Electronic duo Subplots return with the sonically vivid and full-scale sound of their sophomore studio album, Autumning

There is a brash density to the production of  269 more words


Character Development - Character Arcs and Subplots (With a Sprinkle of Romantically Apocalyptic)

It can feel somewhat narrow and constricting, being stuck with only the main character for the entirety of their quest, no matter how amazing and awe-inspiring the journey may have been. 744 more words

Character Development