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Thoughts On Writing - Using Subplots To Tie Everything Together

Last time I blogged, I talked about figuring out what happens next in a scene. That process helped me out considerably with the scene I was working on, along with a few scenes before that. 1,032 more words


Lesson 2 - Plots and Subplots - How To Be A Good Writer

I know I promised to blog the link to each chapter of my book ‘Writing Tips 101: How To Be A Good Writer’ but I actually forgot. 65 more words


And Suddenly It Hits Me...

So there I am, plugging away at my new book, The Throne (No. 9 in the Bell Mountain series), without the foggiest idea how the story’s going to end.  244 more words

A Personal Note

Kat: This is The End My Friends

As I get my MS ready to send off to the agents/editors I met with at RWA, I referred back to my McD notes on endings. 485 more words

Writing Tips

Nancy: Putting the Bromance in Romance

One of the themes that emerges in my writing, regardless of genre, is the importance of friendship in getting to the ‘stable world’ at the end of the story. 591 more words


Meeting Francis Ford Coppola

As is the usual formula, when beginning production on a film, the exterior shots on location were done first. So it was, that for the production of “Finian’s Rainbow,” Howard Kazanjian flew north from Los Angeles to San Francisco to meet the director and help him shoot exteriors in the Bay area. 392 more words

Howard Kazanjian


In every story told there is an implicit agreement made between the writer and his audience.

It’s a mental and emotional pinkie swear.

The audience willingly agrees to sacrifice realism, logic, and their critical faculties in order to enjoy the story being presented to them on the screen. 102 more words