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Nepal: Women's Work! Millet cultivation in rural village

As I write this, David and Binod are still hiking from one village to another to participate in the singing competition to promote awareness for the need for improvement in women’s health in rural villages in Nepal. 580 more words

The Economic Recolonization of Africa

Land Rush – Why Poverty?

Directed by Hugo Berkeley and Osvalde Lewat (2012)

Film Review

Land Rush is the story of the recolonization of Africa by foreign interests (US, Britain, China, South Korea, Saudi Arabia) and their collaboration with corrupt governments and tribal authorities to drive subsistence farmers and their families off their land. 375 more words

Inspiring Moments In Resistance

Business and Poverty

The vast majority of livelihoods in poor rural areas are in small family businesses, yet business seems little mentioned or understood in the poverty agenda. Often In the development community, when business is mentioned it is held up as the scourge of the poor – exploiting them to make profit for the rich – whilst working for a ‘not-for-profit’ is seen as virtuous. 740 more words