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RIP Tom Petty, Rooster (2017--17)

Last Friday we had to put down Tom Petty, our first rooster. I’m granting him the title of “rooster” even though he never became a grown-up: he never crowed, mated, or dominated. 312 more words


Usurpation of public lands in Brazil

This blog post is mostly based on Harvard Land Ownership in Brazil Scrutinized in Title Dispute by Michael McDonald and Tatiana Freitas, published in Bloomberg, 24 April 2018. 191 more words


For millennia salmon has been our lifeblood, touching every community with it’s nutrition.  This has been a hard summer.  The fish have been scarce all over Alaska with the exception of Bristol Bay.  102 more words

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Into the Wind.

Already the 22nd of October and we are heading into the cold and bluster of fall.  It is definitely warmer than our falls and winters up until five years ago.  43 more words

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Bee Report -- Tucking the Bees in for Winter

The bees are preparing for winter. Last week I went into the hives to consolidate winter stores and check on the health of the colonies. We have four hives on the institute property and four hives around the village as part of our… 544 more words



Sometimes, just below the surface, life happens.  It roils and spins with a purpose that we, simply put, cannot truly understand.

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Proposal for Community Sheep Flock Co-op to Maintain Village Commons and Oak Grove

UPDATE, 22 October 2018: After talking with neighbors and the community, we have updated our plan to include an area of mowed grass near the community center. 3,235 more words