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This is the first post of, “Recovery Isn’t For Wimps.” This post is really just a test to get some of the kinks out of the system. 44 more words

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Eddie James Concerts: Participatory Worship

I attended my first Eddie James concert last night in Leominster, MA. Wow! It was absolutely stunning. Before I talk about the performance I want to say a little bit about the audience. 570 more words


Living With an Addict: The Lying, the Manipulation, the Heartache

It’s 6:09 am; I’m sitting in the Ft. Lauderdale International Airport, mentally prepping myself to board the plane back to home. This has been an emotionally exhausting trip filled with crying, uncomfortable conversations, and happy moments as well. 1,519 more words


Rehab Yoga and T-shirt Entrepreneurship

On a cloudy Saturday at ARTpool Gallery in St. Petersburg, FL, shoppers amble among tents of handmade jewelry, knitted dog sweaters and other handcrafts sold at open-air markets. 590 more words

Tampa Bay

Compassion, Not Judgment – Parenting a Child With a Substance Abuse Disorder

There are few things a parent can hear about their child that would break their hearts more than a confession of substance abuse and addiction. And though we cannot help our reactions sometimes, the fear of disappointment, rejection, or punishment is what often keeps our children hiding these potentially lethal secrets. 593 more words

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