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On Suicide: Breaking the Habit

Warning: Given the title, the suicide warning is obvious. Graphic (somewhat, but best be safe) depiction of child abuse, mention of animal abuse, self-harm discussion throughout, mentions of prescription and street substance abuse. 3,266 more words

Chester Bennington



It is extremely disheartening as an addictions therapist to read articles on social media and mainstream media regarding society’s view of  “drug addicts.” It seems that there are many people that are okay with giving up on that population. 786 more words


How increased mindfulness can decrease relapse risk

Do you sometimes hear an inner voice that tries to convince you to drink or use drugs during sobriety?  The voice might say,  “I can have just one drink,” or “I’ll never be able to stay clean, so I might as well use”?   414 more words

A Note on Depression, re: Chester Bennington & Chris Cornell.

Depression kills.  It doesn’t kill the same way terminal cancer or diabetes complications do, but it kills.  It kills in the weirdest of ways:  by twisting your mind in such a way that killing yourself makes a lot of sense.   646 more words


The Drug War on Human Beings

(Disclosure:  I am not a mental health professional.  The statements in this blog post are based on observation and personal experience.)

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The Black Dog

Along the road of contrary
Paving slabs move under me
Marks of words left
Scattered etching
From minds with little room for stretching

Acid bath… 74 more words

DyllanJ Poetry

The death of Chester Bennington- On speaking and being heard.

Note: The death of Chester Bennington is too recent and raises too many questions and concerns to cover in one post. This post does not seek to answer the questions raised and cannot hope to carry the weight of the full impact of the death of a figure who meant so much to so many people. 808 more words