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The psychological risk of judging others is...

“Why in the heck did you tell Frankie to go to the doc? He isn’t sick — he’s a drunk and needs to get his ass to a meeting,” Joseph said to me after he learned that I had referred a cousin of his, Frankie, to a medical doctor to discuss either Acamprosate or Narcan (Vivitrol) as an adjunctive to treatment for his alcohol dependence.  524 more words


2 adverse outcomes for adolescents who use marijuana

There’s a belief that’s growing in popularity that suggests that marijuana is not dangerous. At least, per the myth, weed isn’t as dangerous as alcohol or nicotine. 503 more words


Financial Debt in Sobriety :(

One of the things I struggled with after I got sober was financial amends. One of the first things or steps rather when transitioning back in life is putting the pieces back together of all the wreckage I had done. 448 more words


Insidious Associations

Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter. — Martin Luther King, Jr.

As a therapist, I’ve noticed that situations and their associations often lead people to construct powerful rationalizations. 444 more words

Heroin may very well be the Devil's Drug

I used to think that substances of abuse were neither good nor evil. Really. I used to think that substances like alcohol or heroin were largely neutral, in and of themselves. 716 more words


Cake is a MUST SEE for those who work with Addiction...here's why

Contrary to many reviews (Variety’s is here), Cake is not a movie about addiction. It’s a movie about managing real and severe pain. While the main protagonist, Claire Simmons, does abuse her Percosets and Oxys, from a treatment perspective, that abuse is merely symptomatic of her deeper issues. 404 more words