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What drives someone to heroin from Oxys?

Tammy knew that she would never use heroin. Though she’d been addicted to Oxys for over two years, heroin wasn’t in her future. Really, she wasn’t one of… 526 more words


If you love an addict, you need to make peace with her death

Anyone who loves an addict is all too familiar with the fear and anger that comes with helplessly watching the addict fall deeper and deeper into Addiction’s grasp. 401 more words


What's your biggest fear for staying sober?

I don’t know how or why the question popped in my head. It’s really the first thing that came to mind as I opened up my laptop. 209 more words


If You Had a Radio Show, What Would You Name it?

So at my little desk today at the Austin office acting like I am typing something of importance, while really I’m just blogging. Well I guess blogging is important, I mean if it were not for bloggers, how would I know who to vote for last week, yeah right! 355 more words


Never Danced Sober

I went to a wedding this weekend and realized I’ve never danced sober. I really wanted to take my wife out and have a good time and we did. 289 more words


If you don't work it, it won't work!

I heard myself explaining that my book, 49 Tips and Insights for Understanding Addiction, is a great resource if people would only out the work into that it demands.  398 more words