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Treatment providers should be "all-in" when fighting Addiction

I once had a football coach who always said that if we were going to tiptoe through the tulips, then we better not even bother suiting up. 543 more words


Red Sky at Morning

We are almost to the half way mark of May and we in the southern hemisphere are gazing down the long tunnel of winter. It means opening the door of my home and being greeted by the warmth and friendliness of a cozy fire and shelter from icy issues and cooler temperatures. 377 more words


Is Rainbow Dash A Cider Addict?


So, is Rainbow Dash addicted to cider, or is this just a fun little running gag?  Does Rainbow’s fondness for cider fall within normal limits? 735 more words

The psychological risk of judging others is...

“Why in the heck did you tell Frankie to go to the doc? He isn’t sick — he’s a drunk and needs to get his ass to a meeting,” Joseph said to me after he learned that I had referred a cousin of his, Frankie, to a medical doctor to discuss either Acamprosate or Narcan (Vivitrol) as an adjunctive to treatment for his alcohol dependence.  524 more words


2 adverse outcomes for adolescents who use marijuana

There’s a belief that’s growing in popularity that suggests that marijuana is not dangerous. At least, per the myth, weed isn’t as dangerous as alcohol or nicotine. 503 more words


Financial Debt in Sobriety :(

One of the things I struggled with after I got sober was financial amends. One of the first things or steps rather when transitioning back in life is putting the pieces back together of all the wreckage I had done. 448 more words