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Drug Effects

More bad news for processed food; emulsifiers alter gut microbial composition increase inflammation and contribute to obesity

Emulsifiers act by binding two opposites together. Normally oil and water separate; however, the emulsifier contains both a water-loving hydrophilic head and an oil-loving hydrophobic tail. 441 more words


Viral: Interview with a Young Mom Who Posted Herself While Using Abused Substances!

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It was recalled that a girl named Cristina Mendoza gone viral because of her captured photo while using illegal substances. Photos circulating in Facebook proved that Cristina is enjoying her session with other people and giving…


A Constant Battle - Drugs In Sport

For many years, illegal materials used to enhance a sportsman/woman, have been rife in sport. It has taken just one uncertified Doctor’s claims to really make the whole world sit up and notice – no matter how… 1,146 more words


RESEARCHERS HAVE MADE a new kind of diamond in a laboratory.

Lonsdaleite is a shiny, brownish-yellow stone, in which the carbon atoms are arranged in a hexagonal lattice. 40 more words



In forms of crushed white crystals, pure ecstasy is known to chemists as MDMA. This is obviously an abbreviation for something too scientifically long for most people to remember so we’ll stick to MDMA. 724 more words


Pushing the limits

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This week the story of tennis star Maria Sharapova has dominated as many front pages as it has back pages of newspapers, after she announced she had tested positive for a banned substance. 438 more words