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The Pharmacological Findings from Experiment and study

  1. I believe the title gives you the large scale idea. Though, this post must of course be to delve further. For example things such as my personal interest in connecting ideas, learing and hopefully informing.
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My experience with alcohol

The reflections I’ve made in this post are entirely based off of my own experiences, and I do not judge anyone else for their choices. What works for one person may be entirely different for another. 827 more words


Laverne of the Thousand Days

Today is now Tuesday 27th December and marks the 1,000th day anniversary of my stopping drinking alcohol. I had my last shot of vodka at 23.59 on Wednesday 31st March 2014. 1,989 more words


Psychoactive Substances Act UK & How It Affects Kratom Users

At the near end of January 2016, precisely 28th January the Psychoactive Substances Bill was approved (at the request of Theresa May) and came into place officially on 26th May 2016 across the UK, leaving many UK based companies that specialise in the production and sale of Kratom out of business, some of the these companies were, KratomSupply and Perfect Kratom which received many orders. 301 more words

Addictions & Kids - What parents want to know

We all know people who are addicted to something, in fact, many of us of have had experiences with family members and addiction. It’s easy to make this assumption merely based on the statistics of addiction. 1,587 more words


Enchanted Items and Substances

There are two broad classes of enchanted items in Rothganar: manufactured and handcrafted. The classes further break down into items themselves, such as enchanted pillows and the ubiquitous basins and chamber pots, and substances like Zeinger’s Best Cordial or Johnston’s Boom-Boom. 220 more words


Drunken Kiss(es)

If in the context of you,

 Vodka is kisses,

 Remind me not to bet in vodka.

 Mind you, I'll not claim,

Not to have wanted to

But I ought not to have. 100 more words