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Statistics May Underestimate, But They Don't Lie

The US Firefighters Association (USFA) estimates that as many as 10% of firefighters may be abusing drugs, and the threat of alcohol abuse among firefighters is more than double than the general population. 128 more words

Chaplain 81

Recreational and Entheogenic Substances

As Sancia is a strongly hedonistic and spiritual nation, the role of recreational and entheogenic substances have a role in Sancian life too. To be short, they are still strongly controlled (and rightfully so), but otherwise not oppressive (for example, people will not be incarcerated for using the illegal substances, only manufacturing and selling). 211 more words


Shisha and Dr. Pepper

Extemporaneous outlook on existence,

never validated impromptu
pulling of proverbial
wisdom teeth.

Malnutrition incorporated corporeally,
and otherwise.

Mental roadkill on the roadside
of my mind. 86 more words


Enthusiastic converts

I have always shrunk from the shining enthusiasm of an enthusiastic convert. A new fitness program which is yielding fabulous results?  Great Рbut does every single conversational road need to lead to fitness programs?  739 more words

Ungracefully Growing Old

When we were kids life was just fine
Now, we need to get loaded just to have a good time

It’s sad when I look back and realise what’s lost… 46 more words


Supplement Specifics

Performance-enhancing substances, also called ergogenic aids, are surrounded by controversy. However, not all of them are banned. There are a few that are legal in athletic competition. 15 more words