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[Notes of an Alchemist]

Crystals grow

under fantastic pressures in the deep

crevices and confines of the earth.

They grow by fires,

by water trickling slowly in

strange solutions from the walls of caverns. 268 more words



‘You know what you have done

You know it has only begun

Welcome My friend finally you are one of us’

Fear was never a worry… 335 more words


Are there an Infinite Amount of Possible Substances that can Exist?

This essay is a thought experiment pertaining to the number of possible physical substances to which can exist in the physical world. I go through how substances can exist and show combinations of possibilities using some mathematical evidence. 1,026 more words



When I was a child, I would cry and throw temper-tantrums. A lot. My parents would try to explain to me why I was being so ridiculous in those moments, but I was too blinded by rage that I couldn’t focus on those important facts. 1,311 more words

Comedown Tuesday

Spending a pinned weekend clubbing, slamming and chemsexing you don’t see much light. Except perhaps for a lighter wallet, another lost phone and emotional disarray. Not a good look if you miss Monday in the workplace either. 26 more words


5 Snacks that are Good for Heart’s Health


Often, the doctors and other health workers have dubbed snacks as unhealthy. However, the recent researches have shown that the snacks are not that bad at all. 418 more words

Healthy Food

#1074: "My boyfriend loves smoking weed more than he loves me. What to do about his weird ultimatums?"

Dear Captain Awkward,

Okay, so I just typed my whole question and realized it is wayyyyy longer than 400 words. The 400 word question is: 3,074 more words

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