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Alcohol and Kids - 4th of July edition

It’s the 4th of July and families everywhere are having a good time. There are fireworks, food, and drinks in abundance. Across the nation, people are coming together to have a good time and celebrate our great country. 646 more words


Partying, Substances, College, and Mental Health

I want to talk about college parties and how they relate to many individuals with mental illnesses. As you already know, tons of college students define their social lives by going to parties and mingling every weekend. 385 more words


11. Meanwhile

It would be prudent now to take a look at the alternative scenario and to see where ‘using’ Bill has progressed to…

We left him back in chapter 5 as he rewarded himself with a classy bottle of coconut Vodka, 1.5l of it to be precise! 312 more words


Dear Tyler

I thought I would do a letter to my younger self. Something i would say to me if I met the person I was ten years ago. 427 more words


5. One Month In

He’d done, his first month sober, 30 days without drinking, amazing! He reflected briefly upon his path so far…

The jitters had gone, his nightmares had subsided, he genuinely felt rested in the morning and the voice of addiction in his head was quieter. 283 more words


4. The Curse

He’d got used to the plastered up leg by now and found that he actually got more sympathy as an invalid; helpless, a victim of circumstance instead of being held accountable for ruining his body. 256 more words