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Return to McKinnon First Grade

Today I returned to a first grade class I had last Friday. The kids had apparently not paid attention when I said I’d be back today because when I came to the door, they started cheering “MISTER GREEN YOU’RE BACK”. 124 more words


Shout out to Brian Mendler

Currently I am working as a 1st grade teacher in a district about an hour from my home. I started this position about 3 weeks ago; I am a Long Term Sub for a teacher who went on maternity leave. 202 more words


Primitive Survival Instincts Bred in the Toxic Classroom Environment

It all changed after a series of bad days. Especially after one particularly tough day where I ended up reaching a turning point. It started, innocently enough, in a kindergarten classroom. 1,292 more words


"The Kids Are All Right (How Are You?)"

Kids like
To tell you all the things
That your name,
Blood type
Reminds them of, like someone
Else they know
Who shares the same traits… 521 more words

Substitute Teacher Vomits in Class, Bottle of Wine Discovered in Purse

School officials in Lexington County, South Carolina are scrambling to figure out how they allowed a blatantly intoxicated substitute teacher not only check-in for work, but make it all the way to classroom and vomit in front of students. 116 more words


The Inevitable Predictability of Career Tests

I’m a sucker for a good personality test. Still am, even as I get older and my personality seems to cement. I habitually take and re-take old favorites like Myers-Briggs, True Colors, or Enneagram just to see what my results are—generally, to see if they match the way I feel about myself. 1,141 more words

The Future

I need something to read

As I continue on the road of subbing around Cape Cod, I’ve realized that I have a pretty unique opportunity ahead of me. There is so much downtime while subbing that I could get some substantial reading done. 112 more words

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