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Vegan ground "meat"

An easy way to use tofu as ground “meat” is to squeeze out most of the water (by hand, just break of chunks and squeeze), spice it up, add oil and fry it. 116 more words

Vegetarian Or Vegan

The ultimate substitute for chocolate! #delish

Hey, fellow unicorns! Before starting this blog, I would like to thank everyone for the amazing response towards my humble blog. Why am I being so cheesy? 448 more words


Back Yard Haiku Number 141

No exercise is

an adequate substitute

for hard work outside.

© 2017 John Christian Hager

Image from Pixabay


As Told By A Substitute 007

First off, I want to say Im so happy that so many of you love this series and I am so glad that I am able to share my crazy substitute stories! 317 more words


Substitute Teaching: tips from a very novice sub

I have been substitute teaching now for about 5 months in the Niagara Falls School District. At first I made some of the typical mistakes subs make, but now I feel like I have it down to a science (even though most of the teachers at the schools I sub in still refer to me as Sarah or Sierra). 696 more words


The First Love

In this century everyone needs a partner, and so, me too.

Let me first acquaint myself, I am a meticulous person and have a conscientious personality. 597 more words


Sub-Ready for the Year! 

If you’re like me, you hate making sub-plans. You’ve also probably pushed through an illness just to avoid making a substitute lesson plan. Over my years of teaching I have tried many different methods for my sub plans, some have been mediocre and others have failed. 422 more words