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Vegan Cauliflower Burgers

I have almost a fetish to cauliflowers. Maybe only second to aubergines. As you’ve seen previously in my blog. Another thing those who know me from the pre-vegan times might recall, is my endless love to hamburgers. 334 more words


Bird flu causing Egg Shortages!

Roughly 87 percent of our nations egg-laying hens have been affected by avian flu. The disease is now forcing to kill 33 million of the birds affected by this disease. 65 more words

Fast Food

Vegan Shakshuka

There’s almost nothing more Israeli than a pan of Shakshuka. It is bold, it mixes some things that wouldn’t usually go together in a marvelous way, you eat it directly from a pan with a piece of bread regardless of how messy it might seem, and it has a presence – the burn on your tongue, smell of garlic and full stomach afterwards will remind you that the Shakshuka you had for lunch is here to stay. 382 more words


A Necessity NOT an Option

What is your daily schedule? In many professions, if you are not there, your work can wait and be done upon your return. Classroom teaching is definitely not one of them—students cannot wait! 80 more words

Spring Cleaning--No Hoarding Please

Spring break has come and gone. It would have been a great time to take inventory and clear the clutter.

I wish I had a digital camera when I first began substitute teaching in the spring of 1997 right after finishing my teaching program. 82 more words

Coconut Milk, So Delicious

This shout-out goes to my favorite milk substitute, at least when it comes to lightening my tea or coffee. In terms of baking, it can be a whole other story altogether, but to get me through my morning, I’m all for coconut milk creamer. 50 more words