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Adjusting to a Substitute

This has been an odd year for me in terms of time away from the classroom. For the past four years, I have been on various committees and inquiry groups and task forces that have met during school hours that I have had at least one full-day or half-day absence a month throughout the year. 473 more words

Fourth Grade

"SMÖR" och Fullkornsbröd

Veganskt “smör” och fullkornsbröd med valnötter

English below


  • – 75 g kokosolja
  • – 1,25 dl rapsolja
  • – 1,25 dl sojagrädde
  • – 1 tsk salt…
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“Any time our deepest desire is for something other than God because we think that will satisfy or rescue us, a dangerous ‘soul idol’ is forming.” 493 more words

I really like this dress.


And this dress..


Sorry, that is all.

Now, back to the food…

Today I made spring or is it summer rolls.  But I have no peanut butter or lime, so I used almond butter and lemon instead.   210 more words

"Mozzarella" sticks

English further down.

  • 700g poteter
  • 1dl næringsgjær/gærflager
  • 1 terning grønnsaksbuljong
  • 1 fedd hvitløk
  • 4tsk eplecidereddik
  • 2tsk tahin
  1. Skrell, og skjær potetene i terninger, og kok dem til de er møre.
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  • – 2,5dl cashew nøtter
  • – 1dl gærflager/næringsgjær
  • – salt
  • – evt litt løkpulver
  1. 1. Blend alt i en foodprocessor, til fint pulver.
  2. 2. Bruk i stedet for parmesan på pasta, og oppbevar i en lufttett boks.
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Vegan Hamburger. The Closest You Will Ever Get

I admit, sometimes I miss meat. I know what the animals go through and how bad it is for our planet, so I keep refraining from doing so. 578 more words