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Weird Wednesday: Child Substitute

In the beginning, there was Buddy, who was considered so attractive, he was popular with pretty much everybody. He survived only until the harsh winter temperatures cracked his pot and he froze to death on the balcony. 462 more words


Home Made Coconut milk

A great dairy milk substitute

Coconuts contain significant amounts of fat, but unlike other nuts, they provide fat that is mostly in the form of medium chain saturated fatty acids that’s easily absorbed and used by the body for energy. 117 more words


Own Price, Cross Price and Income Elasticity

We studied elasticity in a previous post:

The percentage change in quantity demanded, given a percentage change in price.

In today’s post, we expand the definition of elasticity a little. 341 more words


Tastes, Preferences and Income

Remember CD’s? They used to be the last word in convenient storage, and if you are of a particular age or higher “AVSEQ01.dat” will be a very evocative term indeed. 331 more words


Complements and Substitutes

Two simple concepts, but really important ones.

When we speak about the demand of, and the supply of any particular thing, it is impacted by a… 509 more words


3 factors that impact demand and supply

The Gurugram story that we learnt about in the previous post was a fairly simple one. We spoke about how people on both sides of the divide (demand and supply) think about prices and therefore their decisions about how much to supply and how much to demand. 297 more words


10 easy substitutes to save calories in your diet!

1. Non-stick spray(Pam) instead of oil or butter

You might not realize it but the oil or the butter that you throw on your pan when cooking is actually extremely dense in calories, and using a zero calorie cooking spray like Pam can remove all those extra calories from your meal. 1,492 more words