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Essential Oil Substitutes

Ran out of an Essential Oil?

Below chart might help you to substitute some Essential Oils.


Brown Sugar Substitute

Recipe calls for Brown Sugar but when you go to grab it from the cabinet, it’s not there. What do you do?

For ever 1/2 cup Brown Sugar a recipe calls for, mix 1 TBSP of Molasses into 1/2 cup white Sugar.

The Hungry Hen

Preshana's Date Paste

I use this Dates paste as an alternative to sugar.
It can be used in a variety of dishes as a base to chutneys, sweeten breakfast cereals/ beverages,sticky ribs/chicken, in cakes, the list is endless. 39 more words

This That And The Other

RANKED: The healthiest milk and milk alternatives for you

(Source: www.businessinsider.sg)

We’ve all been there: You get to the front of the coffee line, and you still haven’t settled on what milk you should put in your latte. 649 more words


Unsweetened Chocolate Substitute 

In the middle of a recipe or deciding if you have all the ingredients to one and you realize you are missing one major player? The unsweetened chocolate!!!! 22 more words

The Hungry Hen

"Iowa Dip"

When our family moved away from the state of Iowa in 1985, we left behind one of the greatest foodstuffs of all time – Anderson Erickson Party Dip. 316 more words


Life presents you with challenges.

Today I received a good taste of that.

Today my CF was absent and I had a substitute teaching with me. We gave a pre-test and tried to make-up late work with some of the students. 157 more words