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"Life, as we find it,..."

“Life, as we find it, is too hard for us; it brings us too many pains, disappointments and impossible tasks. In order to bear it we cannot dispense with palliative measures…There are perhaps three such measures; powerful deflections, which cause us to make light of our misery; substitutive satisfactions, which diminish it; and intoxicating substances, which make us insensitive to it…scientific activity is a deflection of this kind… The substitutive satisfactions, as offered by art, are illusions in contrast with reality, but they are none the less psychically effective, thanks to the role which phantasy has assumed in mental life. 19 more words


Good Morning February 20

We use substitutes for many things. Making a recipe and don’t have one ingredient, we find what can be substituted. Buying a prescription, we ask to substitute the generic because it is cheaper. 167 more words

Good Morning

Do You Like Excellent Customer Service?

I grew up working in Nordstrom and excellent customer service was our standard. I like to receive and give excellent customer service!

Well, everyone employed by a school district has a customer to serve—students, families, staff, vendors, visitors, communities, etc. 43 more words

Strange DBQ worksheet

We had Mrs. Jackson as our substituted this Friday. She passed out an odd worksheet, which was one of those DBQ outline things. A problem arose as… 83 more words


My Cheat Sheet

No matter how many times I look at the room numbers I just can’t get them into my head.  Then we just went and changed some of the rooms around so the younger kids are closer to the primary room and the bathroom.   151 more words


What's for supper, Hon? Gardein!

I get asked this just about every day. Sometimes it’s on the phone, and other times it’s right after my husband, Kevin gets home, takes off his coat, and lets Charlie the cat jump on his shoulder.   201 more words

Vegan Food

Was Everything Ready for Monday?

While I am disappointed our Seattle Seahawks did not win consecutive

Super Bowls, I enjoyed watching a great game!

Mondays are a high volume, absence day regularly. 77 more words