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Substitution Cipher

ერთ-ერთი მარტივი მეთოდი ინფორმაციის დაშიფრვისა რომელსაც ქვია “ჩანაცვლების შიფრი” იგივე Substitution Cipher. განვიხილავთ რა არის როგორ გამოვიყენოთ და ასევე რამდენიმე ხერხს,რითიც შევძლებთ შიფრის გატეხვას.
იდეა არის ძალიან მარტივი. 17 more words


Cipher - A substitution cipher tool

My first venture into simple cryptography. Download Cipher (the tool in the photo above) using the link at the end of this post.

Substitution cipher 101… 545 more words


An iron mask and an uncrackable code...

I’ll probably never get tired of writing blog posts about cryptography. It’s a puzzly skill with plenty of real-world applications. Heck, England hosts a yearly codebreaking challenge in order to identify people with topnotch cryptographic abilities in the hopes of recruiting them for government work! 417 more words


There’s a Little Real History in my Alternate History #6

The sailors have harvested as much wood as they can from the corpse of la Santa Maria, and building has begun. It’s an awkward-looking square taking shape on the beach, just above the high-water line.

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Frequency Analysis Attack - Breaking the Substitution Cipher

The Substitution Cipher

Perhaps the oldest and one of the simplest method of encrypting a message is to use the substitution cipher. What this cipher does is, as its name suggests, to simply substitute each character in the message with the character it is mapped to. 1,076 more words


Blog Birthday Winner!

It’s time to announce the winner of my Blog Birthday Giveaway! 64 more words


Happy Blog Birthday! Part 2!

My blog is two years old today! Happy Birthday to the blog!

Yes. Two years! 210 more words