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Palindromic Substrings

Given a string, counter the number of palindrome substrings in the string. (different start and end indices are considered different substrings).


Build a NxN boolean table where T[i][j] represents whether s is a palindrome. 75 more words


Full-Text (Substring) Indexes In External Memory MOBI

PostgreSQL vs. MS SQL Server. A comparison of two relational databases from the point of view of a data analyst Cette version propose des améliorations des index columnstore, notamment des index columnstore non cluster actualisables et des index columnstore sur des tables en External links. 626 more words

Longest Common Substring or Subsequence

Longest Common Substring

Given two strings A and B, find the longest common substring of the two string. Note that substrings must be continuous.

DP… 350 more words

Search Pattern

Given a text t (length n) and pattern p (length m), search the pattern in the text. Return a list of starting index of patten in text. 388 more words

Find String Between Two Substrings in Python When There is A Space After First Substring

While there are several posts on StackOverflow that are similar to this, none of them involve a situation when the target string is one space after one of the substrings. 297 more words


Permutation in String

Given a pattern and a text. Determine whether a permutation of the pattern in the text.

“Two Pointers” Substring Framework Solution

This is the two pointers “Substring Framework” solution to this problem. 234 more words

(Java) alphabetic substring comparison ends up with a wrong result

In one of these HackerRank Java challenges, there is a problem which is defined as:

The problem

We define the following terms:

  • Lexicographical Order, also known as alphabetic or dictionary order, orders characters as follows: A < B < …< Y < Z < a < b…

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