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Convert a string into Title case in Sqlserver

Input: This is test input data!

output: This Is Test Input Data!

@str VARCHAR(1000)
DECLARE @counter INT = 0, @length INT = 0;

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Convert varchar to date

As you can see from the Snippet below, the date (nvarchar) is in US format; we want to convert this to UK format.

If you don’t want to convert it to a date, or you just want to convert it to a readable UK format, simply remove the… 137 more words

Convert Date Time

Formatting phone numbers without FORMAT

Today’s post is not an especially elegant solution, or even a flashy one. It’s not some big sexy piece of existentialist SQL poetry. But it is practical, and it was a fun little challenge.  243 more words


JavaScript substring functions

Substring (indexstart[, indexend])

Returns part of a string between indexstart and indexend, but not including indexend.
Index (indexStart) of first character is 0.  189 more words


All Palindromes in a string

Ever had to find if a string is a palindrome , perhaps in your college assignment , well i know the problem is too easy but how aboutwe raise the bar a bit ? 206 more words

Knuth-Morris-Pratt substring search

When searching for the pattern A A B A A A in the text A A B A A B A A A A, we first detect the mismatch at position 5, but we had better restart at position 3 to continue the search, since otherwise we would miss the match. 250 more words

Brute Force Pattern Matching, Delete Pattern Replace Pattern

Pattern matching is the problem of deciding whether or not a given string pattern P appears in a string text T. First pattern matching algorithm is brute force. 380 more words