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Transact SQL and the C Level Programmer ( String Casing and Indexes )


Again, back reviewing code and saw yet another interesting one.

The code looks like this:

select username
from   .
where  LOWER(lastname) = LOWER(@lastname)

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Find index of last occurrence of a sub-string using SQL Server

-- Find Index from the String
select (LEN('0000000000000045') - CHARINDEX('0',Reverse('0000000000000045')) + 1) as FindIndex

-- Using Regx(if after the value is zero(0)
SELECT PATINDEX('%[^0]%','0000000000000450000')

-- Fetch Value except before Zero(0)
SELECT reverse(left(reverse('0000000000000045'), charindex('0', reverse('0000000000000045')) -1)) as FetchValueExceptZero

select REVERSE(SUBSTRING(REVERSE('000000000045'),0,CHARINDEX('0',REVERSE('000000000045')))) as FetchValueExceptZero

-- Using Regx(if after the value is zero(0)
select substring('0000000000000450000',patindex('%[^0]%','0000000000000450000'),Len('0000000000000450000'))
SQL Server

String tokenizer, split(), scanner performance comparison metrics in Java

Here are some metrics that I have gathered around tokenizer, split and scanner. These are various methods of splitting a string into array of individual string elements. 66 more words




This is a macro to parse string data that have a specific type of delimiters. (In this example, the delimiter is the semi-colon “;”.) The macro is needed so that it can loop through all character variables each of which needs to be split into a number of new variables based on a predefined delimiter. 328 more words

Rosalind in F# - Finding a Motif in DNA

Finding a Motif in DNA is our next problem, exploring the definition of substring. This problem is exceedingly straight forward so we’ll just jump right in to it. 273 more words


[371/441] Hart of the matter

Once is an incident, twice is a co-incidence, and thrice is a pattern.  While I have been back at home, Mom brought out an old document that solidified a co-incidence into a pattern through a triangular argument. 253 more words


Project: String Wrappers

Yet another side project. But this isn’t usable as it’s not finished and not really tested. The idea is to provide wrapper classes for character sequences so that strings aren’t just copied and some memory can be saved. 10 more words