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Capitalize a string

When you look at your data, do you see a mish mash of formats?  Do some people use camel case, some all lowercase, some upper?  Here is a quick script that you can use to capitalize the first letter in your single word strings. 504 more words

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Find substring in string in Assembly - masm 8086

org 100h
buf1 DB "Enter String :::: $"
buf2 DB 0dh,0ah,"Enter Substring to search :::: $"
buf3 DB 0dh,0ah,"Substring Found $",1
buf4 DB 0dh,0ah,"Substring not Found...$"
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What is the syntax to return a substring?

#to return a single character
#use (-) sign to reverse order of index, keep in mind that -0 and 0 are the same
"<your string here>"[<index of the character you want to return>] 60 more words

Tip - Excel formula to convert Instance Name to Server Name

Below formula will give sub string preceding \


How to split comma separate string in Sql server

This is common requirement for almost every developer to extract data from comma separated string. In Sql Server 2016, we have STRING_SPLIT  inbuilt function to extract data from string. 283 more words

Sql Server

Extracting substrings with StringUtils from the Apache library

Following on from some of my earlier posts, where I described some of the useful utils from the apache.commons.lang3 library (like that very nice RandomStringUtils class), this time I will focus a bit on the StringUtils class.  1,828 more words


Convert a string into Title case in Sqlserver

Input: This is test input data!

output: This Is Test Input Data!

@str VARCHAR(1000)
DECLARE @counter INT = 0, @length INT = 0;

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