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Review: 'Stinger' by Robert McCammon

Stinger by Robert McCammon
Subterranean Press (October 2015)

In Stinger, Robert McCammon spins the relatively straightforward tale of a benevolent alien who crash lands in the small Texas town of Inferno. 417 more words


House Reading - #01 Speak Easy

The holidays are coming up, and so I need to think about spending money on other people instead of myself (which isn’t a bad thing to think about all year, but, like Lent, at least this time of year, you’ve got lots of company. 565 more words


Review: 'Blue World' by Robert McCammon

Blue World by Robert McCammon
Subterranean Press (August 2015)

Over the last few years Subterranean Press has gotten heavily into the Robert McCammon business – and cousin, business is a-boomin’. 554 more words


Review: 'Teaching the Dog to Read' by Jonathan Carroll

Teaching the Dog to Read by Jonathan Carroll
Subterranean Press (August 2015)

Jonathan Carroll’s Teaching the Dog to Read is a surreal reading experience, an off-kilter exercise that examines what happens when your body is at rest and your consciousness is free to roam. 278 more words


In the Duke's Sights: Books of Note for 8/14/15

This week’s edition of In the Duke’s Sights is a small one because I didn’t wait so many darn weeks to post it.  In this edition:  flintlock fantasy, a steampunk collection from across the sea, a cantankerous writer’s writings, and a fantasy novel about fallen angels and alchemists waging war in Paris. 1,208 more words


In the Duke's Sights: Books of Note for 8/7/15

In the Duke’s Sights returns with a belated book-heavy monster post (no, they won’t normally be this big, but I’ve been lazy, so…).  From space opera to urban fantasy to epic fantasy to steampunk and beyond!  3,958 more words

Genre Fiction

Review: 'The Border' by Robert McCammon

The Border by Robert McCammon
Subterranean Press (May 2015)

When Robert McCammon made his return to writing and publishing back in 2002, I wondered if he’d ever write horror again. 857 more words