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The Rise of Endymion

by Dan Simmons

“Humans have been waiting for Jesus and Yahweh and E.T. to save their asses since before they covered those asses with bearskins and came out of the cave,” she said. 336 more words

5 Star

Book 1 Chapter 3 Page 52

Author’s Note: Yep! They are being hunted by an ogrecroc. 8O


Book 1 Chapter 3 Page 50

Author’s Note: In dwarven sewers, it’s not the smell that gets you… O_o


Book 1 Chapter 3 Page 49

Author’s Note: The average goblin doesn’t have a long attention span… :lol:


[residency filth]An entrance

Tentacle-like arms fumble at the door. My floor is stained with a murky gelatinous ooze perpetually seeping from the keepers domain. Hidden. The escape forced a violet change in me…in us…our cells unraveled…we sought a new form…a disguise. 83 more words


Book 1 Chapter 3 Page 39

Author’s Note: The more disturbing side of space anomalies. Valor’s satchel is now a portal to Idirtoisi, the space between dimensions. But don’t worry. It’s a safe place… usually. o_O