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What tiiime is it

I forget how I used to do this.

Some sort of grim broth of concepts. An older couple, asleep on one another, aboard the train. And those martello towers – what are they really?


Francesca's Knees

Francesca’s knees are bruised, from bashing into the car door-steering wheel combo as the Jehovah’s Witness chased her to her father’s Honda, a stoic vehicle in the Ohio snow. 52 more words


One hundred books to read. #65: Journey to the Centre of the Earth

The appeal with Jules Verne’s stories is that they explore a variety of new and interesting environments, while making them sound truly believable. 469 more words

One Hundred Books To Read

Subterranean Aquaponics? (Brainstorm Session)

Season extension is typically the first step market gardeners take to increase productivity. On my farm, the garden production will be kept simple for the first year but that doesn’t stop brainstorming future innovations. 258 more words



Today is already a day in which I would welcome the end. I’ve woken up upset, the foo fighter song “subterranean” was playing in my mind as I woke, not sure why but this song says two things to me..Clare and suicide. 475 more words

Wednesday is a goth girl

“Never give up. Never let things out of your control dictate who you are.”

The mornings are cool near the desert and life begins sluggishly because it stays up late. 571 more words


Cruciform Subterranean

There was natural light falling through a vent in the ceiling of this subterranean vault, I lit the ceiling, walls and floor with an LED torch which to the eye has a white light, but playing around with the White Balance in CS6 brought out a pleasing blue hue. 29 more words

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