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This Year's Class Picture

by Dan Simmons

“Mr. Geiss grunted, pulled the new boy to his feet with the wire noose, opened the door with one hand, and shoved him in ahead of her with the pole. 283 more words


Boy's Life

by Robert McCammon

“The years of a boy’s life pass so fast, Cory.” She smiled faintly. “Boys want to hurry up and be men, and then comes a day they wish they could be boys again. 338 more words


Summer of Night

by Dan Simmons

“Nothing was as simple as stupid people assumed it to be.”

When it’s all stripped away, are there stories we like more than coming-of-age? 233 more words


tracy bryant

Der bereits als Frontmann der kalifornischen Post-Punk Band Corners bekannte Tracy Bryant, veröffentlichte Anfang diesen Jahres sein neues Solo Album ”Subterranean” bei Burger Records.  Bereits im März begeisterte er als Vorband von King Khan and the Shrines.   35 more words


Your First Line Of Defense Against Termites

the problems they cause and mites is an urgent concern confronted by many homeowners across the Usa nowadays. It is because of the fact when they enter your home, they’re very difficult to exterminate. 510 more words

The Martian

by Andy Weir

“I am smiling a great smile. The smile of a man who fucked with his car and didn’t break it.”

The six person landing team on Mars encounters an unexpected sandstorm and witnesses one of the their crew impaled on a radio antennae go spinning out of sight as the other 5 members desperately escape the storm. 404 more words


Academic Excercises

by K.J. Parker

“Thanks to my lifetime of exhaustive study, I’m the least qualified man in the world to offer an opinion.”

The storytelling here is rich but not indulgent, detailed but not fussy. 654 more words