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Math Game: Sum Swamp

This is a fantastic game for munchkins embarking on early math. Kids journey through Sum Swamp by adding and subtracting their way along. Travel over the crocodile shortcut and try to avoid the endless loop as your adventures in learning take you down the path of math fact mastery. 124 more words


MLB Math Challenge Day 4 - Boston Red Sox

Day four of the challenge brings us to the Boston Red Sox. Back when the curse was still active, I would root for them whenever Pedro Martinez pitched, or when they would play the Yanks. 41 more words


The Mathematics of my Emotions

It knows! It just knows! It’s like it’s being said: it has its own intelligence and it knows. It doesn’t doubt, even if everything around does it. 259 more words


Subtraction and the "standard" algorithm

CCSSM talks about “the standard algorithm” but doesn’t define it – Oh, how naughty, done on purpose I suspect, since there are varieties even of the  “American Standard Algorithm”. 177 more words


Babb Abab Baaa

The Activities

  1. Topic: Subtraction: Book: Subtracting With Sebastian Pig and Friends on a Camping Trip by J. Anderson.
  2. Topic: Addition: I put a bunch of slips of paper with numbers 1-9 inside of plastic Easter eggs.  
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Age 5

Subtraction Is So Conceptual

Every year, across all grade levels, I hear (and observe) subtraction being a difficult concept for students. Not just a difficult calculation, but concept. I am not talking about reading a context and knowing if subtraction could be a way to solve it, but instead, what is happening when you subtract and how does a change in the subtrahend and minuend impact the difference? 1,063 more words


After Math

After Math

Forget algebra, geometry,
calculus, and trig—
the hardest math has always

been After Math. Think
about the plane’s last
tangent, its point of perfect… 78 more words