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What is Subtraction?

Subtraction, third in the Mathemafiction series, is here, there, and everywhere good books are sold, or at least it soon will be, because all booksellers will surely want to know what happens to a subtracted life.  775 more words


Simple Shell program to get Addition, Sub, Multiplication, Divide


#function to add two numbers
sum=`expr $x + $y`
echo -e "Number entered by u are: $x and $y"
echo "sum of $1 and $2 is $sum " 149 more words


Math Series #1 - Negative Numbers

One of the series I plan to start with this blog are a series of tutoring sections. The goal of this is to give some help where I have quite a bit of knowledge. 617 more words


Math Games

In elementary school, my teachers used props and games to teach us basic math skills. I look back at my school days and see how hopeful they were for basic, everyday math. 308 more words


Counting and stacking cubes can easily be described as the most influential thing that has happened to elementary math.  Okay, that was an exaggeration, but I want you to think about what these beautiful little cubes can accomplish.   352 more words


Fun With Subtraction

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Introducing students to subtraction concepts can be exciting and fun.  I like the idea of offering students the opportunity to feel at ease about subtraction by offering a cute video such as this one from  287 more words