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Week One

It’s Friday afternoon, I think I will be able to leave the building in a vertical manner- big accomplishment!

We’ve hit some bumps; HR lost some paperwork, pay was late and I am still locked out of school data system. 190 more words

Common Core

Double U, not W (Age 5)

The Activities

  1. Topic: Subtraction: Book: Taking Away with Tigers by T. Steffora.
  2. Topics: Geometry, Spatial Reasoning:  I went to a different part of the kitchen where the kids couldn’t see what I was doing, and using pattern blocks I made a shape.  
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Age 5

First resource! Freebie~ Addition & Subtraction Mats

I created these resources for my second grade classroom last year to help with multi-digit addition and subtraction. You can print these boards double-sided and laminate them for durability.  50 more words


Basic Algebra Subtraction 1

Here Adam shows you how to subtract algebraic equations. Some extra questions will be left below this video in case you want some more practice on this topic. 72 more words


Where Is The Potty?

The Activities

  1. Topics: Numbers, Place Values: Book: Earth Day — Hooray! by S. Murphy.
  2. Topics: Numbers, Place Values: Using Base Ten Blocks, we practiced going from Base Ten Block representations of numbers to the numerical form, and vice-versa.
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Age 5

Signed Numbers (Positive and Negative Integers)

Hi Guys, This is a pretty thorough (maybe too thorough) explanation I wrote one evening a couple months ago, when I had a little time on my hands, but before you dive into it, go check out… 1,301 more words