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The Activities

  1. Topic: Subtraction: Book: Subtracting With Sebastian Pig and Friends on a Camping Trip by J. Anderson.
  2. Topic: Addition: I put a bunch of slips of paper with numbers 1-9 inside of plastic Easter eggs.  
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Age 5

Subtraction Is So Conceptual

Every year, across all grade levels, I hear (and observe) subtraction being a difficult concept for students. Not just a difficult calculation, but concept. I am not talking about reading a context and knowing if subtraction could be a way to solve it, but instead, what is happening when you subtract and how does a change in the subtrahend and minuend impact the difference? 1,063 more words


After Math

After Math

Forget algebra, geometry,
calculus, and trig—
the hardest math has always

been After Math. Think
about the plane’s last
tangent, its point of perfect… 78 more words


First Grade Math Warm-Ups: Week of March 9-13, 2015

Sorry, I’m a few days (ok, weeks!) late with these warm-ups.  Spring Break happened and I had forgotten to snap pictures of them before I left for my vacation.  388 more words


New research on how learners in special education intuitively and accurately use indirect addition for subtraction

For far too long, the assumption has been that learners with disabilities cannot benefit from constructivist mathematics instruction.  This assumption, in my opinion, is based on the highly erroneous idea that kids with disabilities cannot think for themselves, but must be spoon-fed methods.   588 more words


I struggled with Math in grade school and high school, hoping to get passing grades so I could graduate and be done with this subject. During high school, algebra made no sense to me, it was like trying to learn a foreign language. 411 more words


Slow and steady wins the race

This story begins with Katie trying to solve the following problem:

In 36 years, my grandmother will be 100.  How old is my grandmother now? 380 more words