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I’m approaching 40 days on the mountain on my way to another 100. Today’s a work day. And a pow day! Peak 7 is my office right now on the mountain. 603 more words


LATE POST: Gupta India

Throughout the history Indians were tend to subtract or carve spaces into rocks than to built them from zero. So that, in time subtraction took the basis of their architectural intention and put forward a relation between man-made and natural elements in which the natural elements and topography used as materials or design problems. 351 more words

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Mikey has a new family.

So let’s begin by addresssing that I have committed the cardinal sin of blogging — I haven’t posted in about five months. I could have fallen off the earth for all you knew, and for that I am sorry. 300 more words


Multiplication.com ****

I love math and I love teaching textbooks but sometimes, especially, in those years where the kiddos are learning the math facts, I wanted a more fun way besides flashcards and math drills, to help them memorize them. 141 more words


Indian temple builders from the first to the eight centuries carved into stone cliffs or out of piled rocks by doing art of subtraction. For them, subtraction is a design method. 559 more words


Thinking in Maths!

Mom     : Babe, Why are you doing addition whenever the question was to subtract the numbers?

Child      : Mom, I don’t like subtractions. I always want things to be added only; never should it be cut down. 12 more words