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I measured the Width(4.0 inch) and Height(3.0 inch) and Thickness(0.27inch) of the material.
I inserted the numbers in the parentheses above. The cutting area, width and height were rounded down because… 350 more words


A nice subtraction trick

A friend of mine recently posted this trick for subtracting any number from any multiple of . (I discovered this trick when I was a boy and have been using it ever since.) 81 more words



I removed the transparent plastic piece to put the compass-like piece.
I wished the brass bolts were philips not straight.

I drilled the hole for the center-piece for the compass. 146 more words


Mengenal Number Bonds

Kembali lagi di Pojok Ilmu, masih di seri mengajar Matematika tingkat dasar. Di buku-buku matematika terbitan Singapura, diperkenalkan sebuah konsep menarik untuk membantu siswa belajar penjumlahan dan pengurangan. 393 more words

Writing Project

Adding and subtracting negative numbers

Adding negative numbers is just subtracting(1+(-1)=1-1=0).Subtracting negative numbers is just adding(1-(-1)=1+1=2) tldr: reverse the symbol



Really?Its addition(+),subtraction(-),multiplication(×) and division(÷)You call their results sum,difference,product and quotient.