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Game of the Week: Zapper

Zapper is the Math Academy’s go-to training station for Blasters wanting to practice their talents at Red Alert missions. To beat this game, you must be sharp with your mind and your reflexes. 61 more words

Math Academy

Forehead Math Master Game

Do you have kids who stress out and hate pressure? I sure do. My husband and I both LOVED flashcards as kids. My mom would drill us at home constantly & I remember enjoying every second of playing round-the-world in elementary school. 420 more words


Making Room for Creativity in Math

By the second half of the year, my girls understood addition is putting things together to get more. They understood subtraction is removing things to get less. 461 more words

Playing with marbles to practice addition and subtraction

Quick game that my daughter Rosie and I played earlier this morning. She truly fully enjoyed it, so I thought I should share it right away. 373 more words


Marketing and the Five Thinking Tools

Marketing is slightly different from engineering and I’m not a marketing expert, to put it mildly. I know that there are several templates dedicated specially for advertising (in his book, Creativity in product innovation, Jacob Goldenberg describes six such templates), but I don’t have any experience with them. 141 more words

A New World Record! (Age 7)

 The Activities

  1. Topic: Subtraction: Book: Shark Swimathon by S. Murphy.
  2. Topic: Sorting: The kids sorted numbered cards from 1 to 104, trying for a new world record.
  3. 649 more words
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Game of the Week: Alien Wrangler

Our alien slug nemesis is back, and refuses to stay calm! This week’s Blaster Mission takes us to Alien Wrangler, Spaceport’s very own galactic rodeo show. 95 more words

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