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90th anniversary of the opening of the Metro of Barcelona

A night trip aboard one of the archaeological gems of Barcelona’s suburban commemorates the 90 years of the Transversal called Metro

The machines have the power to raise and some make it a habit: the historical and prosaic name M1-M6-M8 -could, why not call the Old Manolita, or something like that did again early Thursday -resurrect-, when he jumped onto the tracks to commemorate the 90th anniversary of the opening of the Metro Transversal, precursor of the current line 1 or red line, according to the denomination employing each. 376 more words

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The Setting

Wrenwrick Valley is a suburb just like any other. Richer than most and poorer than some, Wrenwrick Valley is caught up in perception, perfection, and secrets. 272 more words


City or Suburb? 10 Rentals Offering the Best of Each Locale

Whether you want to live in the bustling heart of the city or the laidback ‘burbs, these rentals offer something for everyone (and at less than $2,000 a month). 782 more words


Family business up in flames

A fire has caused $800,000 damage to a Port Kennedy family business.

The blaze on Blackburn Drive started just before 7pm on Tuesday. More than 30 firefighters attended and brought the fire under control within 90 minutes. 55 more words


Sunset obsession in HK (Ha Pak Nai 下白泥)

“The moment of Sunrise makes me feel so warm and touched. But I love Sunsets more because it colors the sky to make me feel peaceful and relieve in my inner heart.

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香港浪漫心靈美景 下白泥看日落

比起看日出的溫暖與感動,我更喜愛日落把整個天空染上絢麗色彩的情景,它的美麗讓我感到內心平靜,安撫一下疲累的心靈。(Click me for the Eng content of this post)







Written by Cello Gulu

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Appropriate and Inappropriate Noise in a Town Center

By Dom Nozzi

April 4, 2005

If we are striving to design a quality community, the level of ambient noise needs to vary based on your location in the community. 434 more words