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Movin' On: 4 Things To Consider When Making A Move

I move every year. Since 2009, I have just not been able to stay in one place. Even when I was in college, I changed apartments year after year, and even though I didn’t want to I’m getting that same itch. 729 more words

Good Livin'

Tales from a suburban life....

Thirty kilometres south of Raipur (capital city of Chhattisgarh), on the national highway connecting Mumbai to Kolkata, we have the nonchalant city of Bhilai, a place where I grew up after I had grown up! 1,431 more words


BEKASI: Under The Shadow Of Jakarta

Note: Grammar Nazi are welcome :D


In the previous story on Bahasa Indonesia, I’ve said that i leave my hometown and depart to Jakarta. Well, that is not entirely true. 311 more words


An excerpt from Ryan Gravel’s Where We Want to Live (Atlanta)

By Ryan Gravel

There’s Nothing Wrong with Sprawl
from Where We Want to Live

A kid growing up in the deep South can never really believe in the possibility of a white Christmas. 4,707 more words

Post Automobile

Map: Detroit Building Heights

The Renaissance Center (RenCen) can be seen from just about anywhere in the city. Why is that?

It is easy to forget that Detroit as a big city is in reality a city and suburbs combined. 78 more words

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