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Why Sameness Scares Me

This is a video of a sub-division in an exurb of a major metropolitan city. I won’t name the location because it doesn’t really matter. You could film this video in almost every state in the nation: Row after row of identical houses, up against a tree-lined strip along a busy road. 1,026 more words


Article: How Suburban Sprawl Hurts the Poor

How Suburban Sprawl Hurts the Poor by Joseph Stromberg

Yes, all of this. Transit is so important. Suburban sprawl makes life harder for those with fewer resources. 382 more words


Visit: a New Basement Page

“To curse me for the life we left behind us
Is to misremember what was cost
For from the vacant cradle
To the empty kitchen table… 161 more words

In Kingswood

Just around the corner from the school, there is an old-looking building standing. I’ve always wondered how the shops survive, because to say that the area is quiet … Is simply an understatement.


Curious incident on way back home

A strange thing happened as I walked home today. The neighbour’s home next door but one to my house was left open. Two police officers stood five feet away, one man, one woman. 353 more words


Maximus's Lake Forest, IL One Year Portrait Session

When Tom and Melissa, friends of my brother, inquired about a portrait session for Maximus, I almost couldn’t contain my excited giggles. Truth is, I’d been dying to photograph this cutie since I first saw a picture of him (but going up to someone and saying “I WANT TO SHOOT YOUR BABY” is frowned upon). 63 more words

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