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First Snapshoot

This is definitely the most memorable moments of my journey. It’s imperfect in framing and editing but it reflects my strongest emotion, curious. The very picture marks my path along the photography journey. 42 more words


8 Hours a Day

We, as human, are only given 24 hours a day to live. If we use 8 hours to sleep, other 9 hours to work, we still have another 7 hours left. 531 more words


I wish I have a picture

I wish I have a picture of what the sky looked like earlier. It was so breathtakingly beautiful. It felt like I was staring at a masterpiece. 93 more words

Yangon's finest

A cool night in a tropical city holds a different kind of magic to the heat of daytime life.  A sigh takes over the restlessness and a calmness prevails, and its quiet.   370 more words

Do taxpayers in Edmonton's core subsidize suburban homebuyers? Yes and no, city officials say

Do taxpayers subsidize suburban growth? Do houses cost less on the city’s fringes because mature neighbourhood residents are picking up the tab?

It’s a touchy debate that made headlines again this week after… 623 more words

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