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   We finally have our mulch pile spread out. So far there are strawberries planted along the edges and a hardy banana. We plan to add sunflowers, Jerusalem artichokes, and maybe some other hardy tropical plants for shade… 64 more words


In bloom

We had mulched and covered our hardy kiwi over the winter and are thrilled to find that it has survived and has buds.

Quince also has buds and will hopefully produce fruit this year


Mushroom logs

After ordering mushroom spore plugs Shane cut down a small tree and made our mushroom logs. The logs are drilled with holes, the spores plugs are put in, then the holes are covered with wax. 9 more words



black beauty eggplant

green beauty long eggplant

hollow tomato

cherokee purple tomato

black krim tomato

purple Vienna kohlrabi

hillbilly potatoleaf tomato

banana pepper

hungarian wax pepper… 18 more words


A Small Hugel-Swale.

Last year in the rush to get plants in the ground we tilled up and planted directly into the native clay soil in our yard. Not the best, it was dry, very compacted and full of grass seed. 187 more words