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Those who can't do, plan!

I’ve a shocker of a headache today, so rather than doing, I am planning. Truly, I’m a sucker for a to-do list. There is something so satisfying about ticking things off…or maybe it’s just me? 885 more words



This morning I have been harvesting for our very first CSA customer! I am very excited to try out this new venture for the year. I hope to see it grow to 1or 2 other boxes a week for this summer.  Yay fresh food!


What a girl needs

Chicken coops suddenly got fancy. They were basically a tin shed and a wire run when I was a kid. Nowadays they have cute cottages of their own, complete with window boxes of herbs to snack on. 913 more words


Cluck Cluck

When my son, The Mathematician, was 2 years old, we took him to a petting zoo. It was meant to be the highlight of the kids’ Christmas Party…until he was pecked on the chest by a chicken. 552 more words


The story so far...


So you’ve stumbled across my page and have no idea what it’s about. Not surprising really given how bare things are looking around here at the moment. 298 more words


Three in the bed

There were three in the bed

And the little one said,

“Roll over. Roll over”

So they all rolled over and

Mum fell out!

With the weather cooling, I can see why some people like carpet. 161 more words