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Look Both Ways Before Crossing the Road

Or when claiming it for your own new home.

Either way, be street smart and stick together. You’ll be ok.

Nature Photography

Well, heeeey

I can’t help but notice that there is a bit of traction over here lately. I suppose if I was the SEO markety sort this would send me into a tizzy of posts trying to capitalize on the activity and boost my visability using all kinds of buzzwords. 642 more words

Slice Of Life

The Only Way From Here Is Down

Never heard much of Mark after senior year
So I was surprised a few years later when he shows up on tv
Last I heard he and Nick were collaborating… 121 more words


Is it still a dream or a nightmare?

It’s been quite a while since I last posted.  I have, at times, felt very much like a rat in a wheel going around and around in this endless cycle of eat, sleep and work with not much else so wasn’t sure what to post about.  964 more words


Are Your Legs Frozen Yet?

It was the late 60’s and proper women wore dresses. Not slacks. This was a cultural thing we brought north with us. It was also the “man as the head of the household” thing – whose word is law, and perhaps most importantly (reinforcing the tenant that the man’s word rules the family), it was a religious thing. 217 more words

My Unintended Arrival in Suburbia

I never intended to end up in suburbia. In fact I vowed I would never move to the suburbs. And certainly I wouldn’t be seen driving a minivan. 1,324 more words


I’ve been writing about these MOMENTS, these snapshots of life in stokes that try to capture a piece of actual life, but seem light on details. 925 more words

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