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Home in a Canadian Suburb

My mom used to say that her best friend lived in the middle of nowhere but that nowhere was about a 40-minute drive from Montreal. So of course, when I landed in Montreal on a bright late summer day, I was fooled by what I’d seen out the airplane window. 622 more words


My Birdseed Brings All The Birds to The Yard

It’s better than yours.

Damn right, it’s better than yours. I could teach you, but I’d have to charge. 

Or, alternatively, I could just tell you all about it. 628 more words

Seasonal Living

coffee date

AKA – Things we would discuss on our coffee date – though to be clear, I hate coffee and would be drinking a chai latte instead: 342 more words

Random Babble

Why Aren't We Building Affordable Houses Anymore?

So is the American Dream dead? With the skyrocketing cost of houses it is for a lot of people. There’s simply no more  affordable houses  being built any more, and increasing demand for fixed supply is driving up the ones that do exist. 1,245 more words

Suburban Life

Still the same**

So D was super worried that when I moved to the suburbs we would never hang in the city again, but he was wrong, just like i told him. 22 more words


It has been a very good weekend. In fact, this living together thing is going way more smoothly than I imagined it would.

The kids keep referring to us as a “normal” family. 52 more words

Being Mommy