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Private Label Outdoor Supplies by VisuaLingual

When San Francisco-based retailer The Urban Deer asked about adding private label fatwood and fatdust to its outdoor-focused assortment, we were thrilled to oblige! The shop’s clean aesthetic dovetails nicely with ours, and the packaging turned out great, if I say so myself. 163 more words

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It's the little things, really

Well…I haven’t shit my pants again today.  Yay!  I’m feeling a little better today, tummy wise, but I’m busted.  I feel so very tired today.  I’m trying to up my water intake to replace what I’ve been losing.  793 more words

21 Day Fix

The Sprinkler

The Sprinkler

There was always the sprinkler. On super hot days, the sprinkler was seen more as an “at home” amusement rather than something to use for watering the lawn. 113 more words

Daily Painting


Gladys smoothed her apron over her ample, middle-aged hips and glanced around her immaculate kitchen, mentally ticking off her various tasks. The roast was all ready to pop into the oven and the timer was set. 849 more words

Everything you need is close to home. So explore!

Finding a place to journal write the things I need to write about. Finding a place to think about the things I need to think about.  355 more words

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Epiphany of Blessings

I just had an amazing epiphany as I struggled to sit down, by myself, and have a few minutes of silence. I spend 8 hours a day feeling stupid every 5 minutes because I’m FINALLY training and learning the “meat” of my job. 633 more words

My Mother the Pet-sassin

My Mother The Petssassin

I had a pretty awesome childhood. I’ve never denied that. I had loving parents. I grew up in a good home with minimal trauma and did most of the things suburban kids do. 2,293 more words