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Dangerous Design: Walking in Suburbia

Cities are hot stuff these days.  After a half a century of people fleeing the nation’s cities for a “better life” in the suburbs, they are coming back.  561 more words


Coming Up for Air (1939) by George Orwell

The author of this novel, George Orwell, most famously known for his satires on society in Animal Farm and 1984, here composes what can be interpreted as the preliminary text in a trilogy which serves as a worthy political antecedent to these two great, significant literary pieces. 955 more words

blurb on da burbs

middle-class resides
somewhere in middle
‘tween everywhere/now(here)

dead doors safely
living close(d) to neighbors
empty chairs fill porches

choice of school (lots) pay… 44 more words

Sprawling perspectives

Some city folk say
The suburbs begin
Where the buildings are no more
Than three stories tall

But those city folk say
The suburbs begin… 49 more words


Lakeside properties

A grand waterway, our inland sea

ice sheets nudging rolling waves glimpsed

fleetingly from the highway

lined by steep guardrailed cliffs

miles of private homes… 172 more words


Suburban Seasons

Written for:  dVerse Poets – Poetics, Suburb Poetry   (guest host:  Oloriel)
“What makes a poem into a suburban poem? I would not want to go on a limb and define it myself, nor use some strict formula or definition. 186 more words

Purple's Home

Listening to the band Suicide in a Peet's coffeeshop in the suburbs, Redmond

I didn’t like the band Suicide before I heard them because I didn’t like their name, and when I saw the album art I liked them even less, it was the name… 463 more words