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Homebuyers placing a premium on 'walkability'

By Peter Barrett

When random breath tests for alcohol were introduced in Victoria in the late 1970s one astute property owner read the writing on the wall. 821 more words


Never Letting Go Of Suburbia


“There’s so much history in these streets
Mama’s good eats, Oh Wonder on repeat
So much history in my head
People I’ve left, ones that I’ve kept”

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Millennials seek suburban homes and SUVs

Recent data shows several consumption patterns among Millennials:

Generationally speaking, the stereotype of millennials as urbanites falls flat when it comes to homeownership. The Zillow…

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jelly boy

Haven’t seen much for a few (what they call) days,

The only reflection I ever see, (always see, cant escape, are swans still white?) is that bouncing round my sphreical prism, 459 more words


Unusually successful experiment: the CTA Yellow Line

The CTA Yellow Line to Skokie was constructed in the 1960s and quickly became a success:

The proposed transit test brought together a unique trio: a federal agency looking to improve transit, a city rail system experimenting with expansion, and a suburb grabbing at the chance to maintain a rail connection to the city.

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6:40pm Monday September 18th

I was driving… driving, driving. ┬áSteven and I were at Shoprite when I realized/remembered I have a 4-H meeting tonight. It was 6:15 when I realized (as if I hadn’t been aware for the last several days, it just fell off my radar this afternoon). 135 more words

Just A Random Moment