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Exemplary Suburbs to Consider when Looking for House and Land Packages

When you are in the process of determining where to buy or build the home of your dreams, you’ll need to factor in the location first and foremost. 79 more words


Anonymous Homes

This is where I grew up, from about age 12 or 13 up through a decent chunk of college.

What you’re looking at are condos, two to a building. 666 more words


May's Malaysian (Chatswood)

It’s been exactly a week since my last bowl of laksa. Laksa long time!

With a healthy appetite, we head to May’s Malaysian in the Mandarin Centre, located in the northern suburb of Chatswood.  377 more words


Go Daddy... GO!

Four teenage girls piled into my car, clad in their Mario Brothers matching outfits – one set of green, one set red. The ritual of Halloween parties and trick-or-treating (more of a coming together of suburban teenage texters and tweeters) now officially over, the girls with their straightened hair and braces-less shiny white teeth Snapchatted and Instagrammed about where the fun would continue. 801 more words


Starry, starry night

My husband decided to leave the fire service after a 22-year career. He wasn’t sure what he’d do next, so we sold our four-bedroom house in town and bought a charming two-bedroom farm house that needed a lot of work; it was “in the country.” 493 more words



The lazy, homesick morning at the co-op in the Oakland Riviera turned into a spontaneous spree of poetry and music. Among friends who lived to make and unmake, to create and to crush, to dismantle and set fire to all the words and all the things, I began to feel that sense of home I’d always found so elusive. 112 more words


Escape the Suburbs

The gradient from dense, urban (and suburban) areas to rural and natural settings is one of my favorite photographic subjects—and the subject of most of my… 53 more words