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America is Returning to the Suburbs

America’s urban renaissance is a meme that has gained a lot of traction in media since the financial reset of 2008, but census figures released yesterday suggest that things are (to misquote David Byrne of Talking Heads) the same as they ever were.   635 more words

A Jewish candidate gives Democrats hope in Atlanta’s suburbs

WASHINGTON (JTA) – One candidate has the endorsement of a civil rights giant. Another boasts that he changes his oil in his pickup truck. 1,751 more words

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The surprising ways neuroscience can help design smarter, more intuitive cities

We have used economics, creativity, and technology to shape the built environment—and now it’s time for science to become the final piece in this puzzle. By integrating aspects of cognitive neuroscience into the design process, we can build cities that are primed for their residents’ health and happiness. 1,001 more words

Dividing Lines

Neville Park, Royal Tunbridge Wells, Kent, March 2017.

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On the other side of the A264 from my house is Neville Park, a private road overlooking the park itself. 55 more words


The American suburbs as we know them are dying

(Source: www.businessinsider.sg)

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Look no further than the suburbs to see how American ideals about success are transforming.  1,100 more words

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How streets, roads and avenues are different

Having grown up in the suburbs, my recollection of street names boils down to an assortment of roads, lanes, circles, etc. Add to that the naming of subdivisions after what seemed to be random pairings of words like oak, birch, hill, ridge, and others, I figured there was no logic to it. 67 more words