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The difficulties in changing bedroom suburbs into vibrant mixed-use places

What does it take for a bedroom suburb – the stereotypical placeless home to subdivision after subdivision – to change into something else? Here is… 505 more words


Under the Bridge

About three miles away from my house is one of my favorite places and the only access is through a park. There’s a bridge that has large enough concrete beams underneath to sit on and having nice weather yesterday, I decided to take a walk over there. 82 more words


The permanent placelessness of suburbs

Can suburbs provide permanence or a sense of place?

Fortunately, the perils of mobility have not gone unrecognized. Those who care about place, permanence, and civil society have taken up the argument for remaining in one’s hometown.

816 more words

Self-driving cars could benefit suburban residents the most

While reading an article considering what daily life may be like with autonomous vehicles, a thought hit me: suburbs – compared to cities and rural areas – will benefit the most from self-driving cars. 236 more words


Waking from a nap to find reassurance at the door

Having endured a grueling trip to Costco in order to return an unneeded printer, I decided to lie down on the sofa at 2 p.m. for a nap. 738 more words

Baggy Stuff

Words Matter, Silences too: Speaking About Urban Spaces

By Richard Harris, MacMaster University, and Charlotte Vorms, University of Paris 1, Panthéon-Sorbonne

As historical scholars, we know that the meaning of words often changes, and that those changes can matter. 1,008 more words