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bumpy ride
roots of white oak
digging upwards

(Thanks to J Kirk Richards of Florida)


Last Night

I’m safe here. Mist seeps through a missing pane, one of his ex-girlfriend’s took it out with a right straight. Hard to imagine, I’m a lefty. 673 more words


The Homeowner and the Crow ~ A Georgic Fable

The Man stood ready, his lawn to spray
In order to kill off or at least chase away
Those bugs and such turning his green grass to hay… 360 more words


Portrait of a house cat eating a bird one Thursday

Charlotte and I sat at the breakfast nook eating frozen pizza and watching our cat Roxy eat a bird. I watched Charlotte watching Roxy for a few bites before she realized what Roxy was eating and was glad when she noticed what it was it didn’t freak her out. 457 more words


"Blue surge in [suburban] Georgia" quote

I talked earlier this week with Patrik Jonsson of the Christian Science Monitor about the primary race in Georgia’s 6th Congressional District in the Atlanta suburbs. 460 more words


An Afternoon in No-Man's Land

The wild bramble bush has defeated me for years,
defending itself with twisted wire vines and thorns
like wildcat claws. It’s stalks and branches
laughed off mere garden shears and sorely tested… 197 more words


Alternative Paris: Street Art & Suburbs

And so I left the Caribbean the evening before Easter.  It was surreal after so much time, hard to believe there would be no more Island Life for me, for now.   1,107 more words