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Row houses popping up in suburban downtowns

For the last twenty years or so, condos or luxury apartments have been constructed in numerous suburban downtowns in the Chicago region. The communities may have now moved on to row houses… 395 more words


Turf War

With the measured arrogance
of a tinpot dictator,
the obsidian autocrat
struts across my lawn
as if it’s his.
He drives his saber-sharp beak
into the near-frozen turf and… 117 more words


Should Trump promote a third wave of American suburbanization?

Walter Russell Mead suggests Donald Trump could help usher in a new wave of suburbanization:

What President-elect Trump has the opportunity to do now is to launch a third great wave of suburbanization, one that can revive the American Dream for the Millennial generation, produce jobs and wealth that can power the American economy, and take advantage of changing technology to create a new wave of optimism and dynamism in American life.

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City of Edmonton mulling over new way of approaching public transit

As the City of Edmonton considers a total reimagination of how it manages public transit, a clearer picture of what the proposed overhaul may look like is emerging. 400 more words


Gabuttø Burger's... Gabuttø burger


  • Sunny Side Up egg
  • Lettuce
  • Tomato
  • Red onion
  • Demi-glace sauce
  • Process Swiss American cheese
  • 1/3lb. beef and pork patty
  • Fluffy bun…
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Anomie, Anime, and the Alt-Right

This article will hit levels of Vivaldian neo-irony that shouldn’t even be possible. The lines between sincerity and satire will blur. Description and prescription will become unintelligible. 6,764 more words