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A lunchtime walk in the suburbs...

I love lunch time walks. It gets me out of the office, gives my mind a break and gets my blood pumping. But I don’t like walking in the suburbs, where so many offices are located. 214 more words

The Monster In The Pond

We have a young duck who has more personality than most dogs. He’s named Lenin because he’s a Muscovy Duck – i.e. Moscow – and the duck house is called The Kremlin to take the Russian analogy even further – yes I know – I’m very sad. 135 more words

The Earlier Stuff

Burb Blues

After a week of house-sitting in the burbs, I took note of some of the major lifestyle changes (or stressors) I experienced within the first 72 hours. 1,052 more words


Proposed Two-Story Home Causes Kerfuffle

As a born and raised city girl who grew up in an overgrown apartment complex, I had absolutely no concept about how problematic new house constructions can be. 21 more words

Katta Hules

City vs. Suburbs: The Pros and Cons

While you are deciding what type of house you are going to buy, you might want to think about the old age question as to whether you want to live in the suburbs or in city. 532 more words


Whether if you’re a first time home buyer or you just need to move due to some circumstances, the age old question remains. Should I look for a place downtown? 520 more words

Real Estate

Here's A Listing Of The Cooling Centers Across Cook County

It’s hard to imagine that some people don’t have air conditioning, but that’s a reality for a whole lot of Chicagoans.

If you’re one of those people and need some place to cool off, Cook County has set up some cooling centers for you to get out of the heat. 34 more words